A fun afternoon for street kids in Mumbai

Mumbai, 30 Jun 2015

Mumbai street children from the Vatsalya Foundation’s shelter home and Macquarie staff recently shared an afternoon of fun at a quiz, games and dance performance event.

The Vatsalya Foundation works with street children, children from difficult home environments and young people, providing them with a safe place and development opportunities. The children are gradually introduced to a structured life through constructive group residence experiences. They have access to basic services such as education, health care, recreation and personal counselling. Vatsalya also offers opportunities to learn new skills like gardening, block printing, glass painting and computer operations.

The children also showed off their athletic prowess at the event with acrobat displays and shared snacks with Macquarie’s Mumbai staff afterwards.

Caption: Children from the Vatsalya Foundation’s shelter home and Macquarie staff.