More jobs than meet the eye for local high schoolers

04 Nov 2016

‘Work hard at school and see the pay-off with a good job later’ is the key message Juan Miguel Custodio hopes high school students absorbed, following a workshop he recently helped coordinate through the BIG Alliance’s Mentoring Works program at Macquarie.

“We asked them to talk about what they wanted to do and - whether it was being an engineer or an architect or in IT - to help them visualise it,” Custodio says.

“That helps them realise that if they work to get good grades now it can help them down the track.”

The aim of the session was to introduce 15- and 16-year-old students from Highbury Grove about the world of work and help them learn more about the type of roles available and skills required to work at an organisation like Macquarie.

As a staff member within Macquarie’s investment banking group, Custodio took particular pains to point out to the students that Macquarie employs many more types of jobs than only bankers.

“We did a tour around the office after the workshop and as well as looking at the trading floor and the business floors, we looked at reception and guest relations and the IT security areas to show them there’s a lot of support service work too,” he says.

“The general aim of the program is to introduce them to a professional environment but I think the key takeaway is the motivation they can get from realising that what they do today has repercussions for their future in 10 to 15 years.”

The workshop involved a number of staff from across Macquarie’s business, risk and human resource divisions.

Macquarie has partnered with the BIG Alliance and its Mentoring Works program since 2012.

Image caption: Macquarie’s Juan Miguel Custodio speaking to Highbury Grove students at the Mentoring Works workshop.