Hair loss for charity

Chicago, 01 March 2014

With a number of friends whose families have been impacted by cancer, Erik Kushto, from Macquarie Capital’s office in Chicago, has found it particularly moving to see the trauma the illness has on young children. And so, together with five Macquarie colleagues, Erik undertook to shave his head earlier this year to raise money for the St. Baldrick's Foundation, a charity funding research into childhood cancers.

“I wanted to find a fundraising activity that would catch people’s attention and spur them to contribute,” Erik said. “Head shaving is such a dramatic act, particularly for staid investment bankers! I was hopeful that friends and colleagues would respond - and they did in a big way.”

Erik said the shave was great fun, particularly the post-shave party where they celebrated smashing the team’s $5,000 fundraising goal, raising close to $7,000. “We’ll need to aim a bit higher next year,” Erik said. “And the incredible benefit that the Macquarie Group Foundation provides in matching our fundraising efforts was excellent. It’s one thing to match individual charitable donations, but the ability to match donations from colleagues, friends and family amplifies the good that we can do and the impact we can make.”


Image caption: Erik Kushto prepares for hair loss in the name of children’s cancer research.