Community awards recognise individual commitment

09 Jun 2017

For Martin Fabi, an employee in Macquarie’s Montreal office, it was the diagnosis of his daughter’s disability more than a decade ago that led to his award as Macquarie Fundraiser of the Year in 2017.

Martin’s support of the organisation Association de la Rive-Sud pour la Déficience Intellectuelle (ARSDI) was inspired by the charity’s assistance for him and his family since his daughter was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome when she was 18 months old. His fundraising and volunteering efforts for ARSDI in recent times have helped save the organisation from financial distress, contributing to its ability to continue providing services to those in need.

Sydney employees Jerry Meades and Chris Bond won Volunteers of the Year for their ongoing support of Raise, The Youth Mentoring Foundation. Raise supports students at risk of school disengagement, providing them with adult role models to talk to. In addition to their work as mentors and fundraising a significant amount of money for Raise, Chris and Jerry have helped attract and recruit over 117 Macquarie staff members to volunteer their time to mentor a young person.

Speaking about Chris and Jerry, Raise Foundation CEO Vicki Condon said, "They have developed this partnership because they have seen the difference a mentor makes to a young person and whole heartedly and unconditionally believe in what we do."

The Pro Bono Adviser of the Year was awarded to Anthony Trichter, Brett Beldner, Chris Seale, Christine Farkas and Eric Weng in Macquarie’s New York office. Over a period of ten weeks, the team worked closely with the Carter Burden Network (CBN) to tackle some strategic growth challenges it was facing. CBN is a non-profit which promotes the well-being of New Yorkers aged 60 and older. By the end of the project, the Macquarie team had conducted a technology audit and created a pitch book to support CBN’s strategy of moving to Google and the cloud. 

The Macquarie Capital London Charity Advisory Committee won Team of the Year for its work in two of London’s most disadvantaged boroughs. The team established the charity committee in 2016 with the aim of supporting a local organisation, and members volunteered over 250 hours of their time. Their contributions spanned a range of activities from fundraising initiatives to volunteering at a winter night shelter, to pro bono mentoring and training of CEOs, job seekers and students.

The Shoreditch Trust was one of the charities the team partnered with and its chief executive Jacqui Roberts said that Macquarie Capital had been a great partner to work with. "Many of our service users face complex challenges and in our program they are supported to take positive action in their lives," she said, praising Macquarie staff for the support, interest and commitment they displayed in their work with Shoreditch clients.

Macquarie’s Office of the Year was awarded to the Hong Kong office who contributed nearly 4,000 hours, through more than 100 different activities, across volunteering, fundraising, pro bono and board service. With a focus on local underprivileged people and the issue of modern slavery in Hong Kong (and across the Asia region), the office supported organisations such as Justice Centre Hong Kong, Fair Employment Foundation and Asian Charity Services. Countless hours of pro bono effort and fundraising took place for charities like Po Leung Kuk, which supports vulnerable women and children, and Mother’s Choice, a local charity serving children without families and pregnant teenagers.

For more information on each individual award visit 2017 Staff in the Community Award recipients here

Image caption: Winners of the 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award Chris Bond (second from right), and Jerry (sixth from the right at the back) with participants of RAISE, The Youth Mentoring Foundation.