At CoRe capacity for five years and still growing

London, 01 May 2014

Macquarie London’s signature Community Resourcing (CoRe) programme recently kicked off, marking the fifth consecutive year it has provided capacity building support to Islington-based charities.

Nineteen Macquarie volunteers have been matched to community projects that require support over the next six months, helping to strengthen the organisations involved. This year’s charities - All Change Arts, Global Generation, Help on Your Doorstep, Islington Advice Alliance and Solace Women’s Aid - have all had previous involvement in the CoRe programme, enabling previous achievements to be built on.

The Macquarie volunteers are able to apply their business skills in a different context to work collaboratively with their assigned charities and more than 120 Macquarie employees have partnered with 28 charities in Islington in this way to date. A new aspect of the programme this year is the development of master classes on areas such as business development and marketing, with workshops held for all participating CoRe charities.

CoRe is supported by the Cripplegate Foundation which brings valuable knowledge of the issues around poverty and isolation in the area.


Image caption: Macquarie London volunteers at the launch of the 2014 Community Resourcing programme.