5-year anniversary of Tiwi Ashes celebrates $2 million of support

Sydney, 09 October 2014

Cricketing greats Matthew Hayden, Glenn McGrath, Michael Kasprowicz and Adam Gilchrist will join former Wallaby Matthew Burke, in a Tiwi-style ‘Ashes’ cricket match on 17 October and celebrate the $2 million raised for Tiwi College on Melville Island over the past five years.

Matthew Hayden and Adam Gilchrist will captain two teams, comprising the former sporting greats and Tiwi College students, competing for the 2014 Tiwi Ashes.

The $2 million raised for the College so far, has been sourced through donations from the Macquarie Group Foundation and Macquarie staff, and in-kind donations of wages, flights and laptops from Macquarie Group. Other donors have also contributed tools, books and clothing.

The Head of the Hayden Reynolds Tiwi College Project and Macquarie Group Executive Director, Guy Reynolds, said that a significant focus of the fundraising has been to develop the College’s agricultural education program.

“The program strengthens local agricultural sustainability and provides for better health through the produce harvested,” Guy said. “We are also seeing improved economic outcomes via jobs related to the garden, including forestry, hospitality, catering, building and landscaping.”

Tiwi College principal Ian Smith agrees. “One of the College’s chief aims is to develop students’ skills that will broaden the career paths and vocational choices available to them. Our garden area enables students to apply skills and knowledge they learn in the classroom and family Group Homes in practical ways outside.”

Speaking ahead of the match, Matthew Hayden said: “The agricultural program has notched up a number of massive milestones. The programs are fully established and embedded into the College’s curriculum. The $2 million that has been raised to date has funded the transformation of bushland into an outdoor classroom complete with teaching facilities, a dam, and fertile farming land. I couldn’t be more proud of the opportunities that the agricultural program will provide to students of the College.”

The Macquarie Group Foundation, The Hayden Reynolds Tiwi College Project, and The Smith Family are supporters of the Tiwi community through the Ashes, which is just one highlight of a day that includes festivities such as traditional Tiwi food, dancing, art and performances that raises awareness of and funds for Tiwi College.

Press information

Matthew Hayden is available for telephone interviews between 6:30am and 7:00am (ACST) between 15-19 October. He is also available for in-person interviews and photographs on the Tiwi Islands throughout the day. For interviews, please contact: (08) 8947 3366

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About Tiwi College

Located at Pickertaramoor on Melville Island, the Tiwi College provides quality secondary education for all Tiwi young people. The college is owned and operated by the Tiwi people through the Tiwi Education Board representing all Tiwi families and communities.

With a philosophy of ’24-hour education’ , students are accommodated in family group homes and the curriculum combines classroom learning with sport, life skills, outdoor education and contributions to the life of the College. The agricultural program, which was established with the support of The Hayden Way and the Macquarie Group Foundation, is a part of the College’s aim to prepare young people with the skills and knowledge they need to participate fully in the future of the Tiwi people.

In the past year, the College has retained a stable cohort of approximately 81 full-time students and attendance rates are close to 90 per cent. The College estimates that this one of the highest attendance rates for an indigenous school in Australia.