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A global provider of specialist finance and asset management solutions as well as corporate and real estate investing and lending


Staff across 11 countries


2015 full year contribution to profit


energy leasing portfolio in EMEA1

About Corporate and Asset Finance Group

Corporate and Asset Finance Group consists of an asset finance business which provides specialist finance and asset management solutions globally, and a lending business which provides primary financing to clients and invests in credit assets in secondary markets. 

The asset finance business specialises in the aircraft, motor vehicle, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial, energy, rail and mining sectors, and the lending business specialises in corporate and real estate investing and lending. 

The Group services clients in over 40 countries and manages $A28.7 billion in funded assets as at 31 March 2015. 

Corporate and Asset Finance Group comprises the following businesses:

  • Lending
  • Asset finance (including Macquarie Aviation, Macquarie leasing, Macquarie Equipment Finance, Macquarie Energy Leasing, Mining equipment Finance, European Railm Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing

Working in Corporate and Asset Finance Group

Graduate program

Working with some of the best people in the industry, you can have your own responsibilities and potential international travel opportunities.

We offer comprehensive training and we encourage opportunities to undertake further studies to develop your specialist skills. 

Summer internship program 

Corporate and Asset Finance summer interns gain invaluable hands-on experience with one of our most diverse and innovative Groups. Corporate and Asset Finance offers interns opportunities to: 

  • work alongside leading industry professionals on live projects and transactions globally
  • develop a broader understanding of asset finance, leasing and corporate lending.

Meet our people


I liked how multicultural and international Macquarie is. The people I work with are a key part of my experience at Macquarie.


I began as an Intern in the Energy Leasing business. From my first day my team encouraged me to contribute to discussions and perform tasks independently.


The nature of my work is very fast-paced and dynamic so the ability to adapt really quickly to new ideas and a willingness to learn are important attributes to have.

Is a role in Corporate and Asset Finance right for you?

We are looking for high-calibre students from a range of disciplines, including but not limited to, accounting, actuarial studies, business, commerce, economics, engineering, law, mathematics, statistics, and sciences. 

Am I eligible to apply?

If you are in your penultimate year of study you are eligible to apply for a summer internship position. 

If you are about to start your final year of study, you are eligible to apply for a graduate position. 

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Corporate and Asset Finance (CAF) has over 1,3001 staff globally including Australia, the UK, Ireland, the US, and Canada.

Group's net profit contribution2

Half-year to 30 September 2018: 17 per cent

Full year to 31 March 2018: 24 per cent


Corporate and Asset Finance consists of an Asset Finance business which provides specialist finance and asset management solutions globally, and a Principal Finance business which provides flexible primary financing solutions and engages in secondary market investing, across the capital structure.

CAF services clients in over 50 countries and manages an asset and loan portfolio of $A33.7 billion as at 30 September 2018.

CAF comprises the following businesses:

Principal Finance

Principal Finance provides flexible primary financing solutions and engages in secondary market investing, across the capital structure. Operating globally in both corporate and real estate sectors, the team has experience across a variety of industry groups including real estate, infrastructure, telecommunications, media, entertainment and technology, leisure and healthcare.

Asset Finance


Macquarie Aviation provides operating leases of commercial jet aircraft to airlines, helping clients to increase fleet management capability and minimise market and equipment obsolescence risk.

Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing is a full service helicopter operating leasing business.


A leading provider of finance leases, novated lease agreements, loans and commercial hire purchases for vehicles and other plant and equipment in Australia with a presence in the UK.

Telecoms, Media and Technology

Specialist equipment finance and services solutions globally in mobile devices, healthcare, technology, communications, materials handling and manufacturing equipment.


The largest independent3 owner of gas and electricity meters in the UK. In addition to a portfolio of 9 million traditional and smart meters in the UK, the business offers energy efficiency financing solutions to large corporates and SMEs across a range of technologies: Solar PV, biomass boilers, LED lighting, combined heat and power products, battery storage and conventional distributed generation assets. 


Finance and asset management solutions for large mining, construction and drilling equipment.


Operating lease financing for passenger and freight assets in Europe.


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1. As at 30 September 2018. Staff represents Macquarie’s active permanent and variable workforce, and includes Macquarie employees and its contingent workers. 
2. Net profit contribution is management accounting profit before unallocated corporate costs, profit share and income tax.
3. Not part of a distribution network or a vertically integrated utility.