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Suresh Ganapathy: Supported to redefine what’s possible for his career and family life

Suresh Ganapathy has carved out a successful 13-year career with Macquarie Capital and is currently a Managing Director and Head of Financial Services Research India. In 2019, he became a single father of twins through surrogacy and says Macquarie has not only supported him professionally in his career but also personally through its equitable parental leave policy.


When Suresh Ganapathy joined Macquarie Capital India in 2010, he had already qualified as a Chartered Financial Analyst, graduated with an MBA and had five years’ experience in financial services.

“Macquarie prides itself on independent equities research,” he explains. “I could see the platform that Macquarie offered, the seniority, client base and independence of research would allow me to grow.” 

“I accepted a lead analyst position, which was also a great step up in my career,” Suresh says. 

In his 13-year career with Macquarie, Suresh has since been promoted to Associate Director before becoming Managing Director in 2023. 


Becoming a leading research analyst in the region

Suresh believes the respect and standing Macquarie has in India, is thanks in part to the trust and flexibility it gives its people to succeed. 

“I feel empowered and my voice is heard,” Suresh says.

“I’ve built my reputation with Macquarie and the platform that Macquarie has is a great advantage.”

As a Managing Director and Head of Financial Services Research at Macquarie Capital, Suresh’s primary role is to interact with CXOs of financial institutions and compile research reports to inform investment-related decisions for mutual funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds.

“We market our research products to investor clients through global marketing roadshows out of London, New York, and Asia,” Suresh explains.  

His reputation in banking sector research has seen him voted one of the top analysts in the Asia-Pacific region and India1.

Suresh also couples his work with management responsibilities.

“I take this part of my role seriously and try to be a mentor for junior employees in India and the region.”

While Suresh works for Macquarie Capital, his strong relationships with other Indian banks see him interact with Macquarie Asset Management and the office of Shemara Wikramanayake, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

My career to date has given me enormous pleasure. I’ve really grown professionally and personally at Macquarie."

Prioritising the journey to have a family

Suresh says that while his career was his main focus, he always enjoyed spending his free time with his niece and nephew and dreamed of a family of his own. 

“I wanted to experience the joy of raising a child myself, but I had not yet found a partner,” he explains.

Suresh explored his options and in 2018, he applied to become a father through surrogacy and was accepted.

“I knew it was a bold decision,” Suresh explains. “Even for couples, surrogacy is a hard road, but I had the support of my family.” 

On discovering that he was expecting twins, Suresh discussed with HR and leaders the challenges he was about to face as a single father and his desire to balance his professional and personal life to maintain a sense of perspective and purpose.

“They were all very supportive and said they would look into what they could do to help,” Suresh explains.


Striking the right balance

After the birth of his twins, Suresh was able to take 20 weeks of paid parental leave, which he took flexibly over the first 12 months of becoming a parent. 

“It was important to stay on top of my job but also be with my children in that first year.”

Macquarie continued to support Suresh in being a single father by continuing to provide flexibility to balance his work schedule and kids. 

“I still want to be in the office and build relationships, so I now work on a hybrid basis”. 

Suresh says the personal growth he’s experienced as a result of having a family has contributed to the maturity he now takes to his role. He believes some of his best work and research have happened after becoming a parent. 

“When you are happy, it brings out the best in your ability to perform and deliver,” he says. “I’m more composed and tactical than I was, and I’m also more motivated.”

Suresh’s surrogacy journey is just one of the cases which highlighted the need for an equitable parental leave policy across Macquarie. Today, Macquarie’s global parental leave policy allows for up to 20 weeks’ paid parental leave for any primary caregiver regardless of gender.

“In the past, equitable parental leave policies were not commonplace,” says Suresh. “As a single father, I’m grateful to be part of an organisation that supports parents of all genders.” 

“It’s important for workplaces to be inclusive of different people and family structures.”


Speaking up for diversity 

As a result of his journey, Suresh is a passionate member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee for the Mumbai office.

To be successful, a workplace needs to be diverse, and this is a view that Macquarie shares. Macquarie’s support has brought out the best in me."

Some of the highlights for Suresh are the relationships and friendships he’s forged through Macquarie - internally and with clients.

“It takes time to build equity in an organisation,” Suresh says. 

“There will always be challenges, but you learn from them,” he says. “You need to be sincere, resilient and persevere and be patient because a career is for the long term.”

“It's nothing short of a miracle for me to be where I am today, personally and professionally,” Suresh says. “I’m grateful to Macquarie that I’ve been able to balance my passions.”

1. Institutional Investor Asia Local Brokers Results, 2023 

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