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Macquarie to establish Macquarie Energy Japan, a new power producer supplier

Tokyo, 09 April 2021

Macquarie Commodities and Global Markets (“Macquarie”) today announced the establishment of Macquarie Energy Japan (MEJ), a wholly owned subsidiary and a new power producer and supplier (PPS) in the Japanese energy market.

Macquarie commenced operations in the Japanese electricity market in 2019, executing the first Japanese electricity futures trade on the Tokyo Commodities Exchange (TOCOM) and actively supporting the development of the exchange traded and Over the Counter markets.

Macquarie Energy Japan marks Macquarie’s entry into the physical electricity market in Japan, trading on both a bilateral and Japan Electric Power Exchange basis and offering tailored risk management products to existing and new clients. Bringing the broader Macquarie commodity offering and experience to Japan, MEJ will provide electricity and cross commodity hedging, financing and carbon-neutral solutions to power generators, retailers and companies with exposures across the energy value chain.

“The launch of Macquarie Energy Japan further expands and diversifies our offerings in Japan. We look forward to building long term partnerships with clients by supporting their specific business needs, as well as continuing to contribute to the development of the Japanese energy market,” said Matthew Jones, Head of Power Trading, Japan, Macquarie Commodities and Global Markets.

Macquarie Energy is active in Asian, North American and European power, gas and emissions markets. In Asia, it is recognised as Electricity House of the Year, Asia1, Environmental Products House of the Year, Asia2,Top 3 Electricity Clearing Member3, Top 5 Commodities General Clearing Member4 as well as Freight Derivatives House of the Year, Asia5.



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