Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental and social financing

Macquarie is increasingly seeing client demands for capital, innovative financing solutions and support for new technologies in the areas of global energy transition, energy security, transport and mobility, digital infrastructure, housing, education and healthcare. Macquarie continues to support clients seeking to manage and respond to these environmental and social challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. Drawing on our global network, sector expertise and strong record, Macquarie provides a diverse range of products and services with an ESG outcome to corporate, government and institutional clients. Our activities span the investment cycle from research on alternative energy to tailored capital solutions for the development and construction of renewable assets and social infrastructure.

Our capabilities

Financing and developing

  • Investment in development projects, platforms and businesses
  • Debt and equity investment
  • Asset financing, including demand side management, energy efficient assets, distributed generation and battery storage, and electric vehicles.


  • Real asset management, including green and social infrastructure, equity and debt, asset finance and real estate
  • Securities investment management and structured access to funds
  • Equity based products and alternative assets.


  • Environmental risk management solutions
  • Access to wholesale energy markets for renewable energy suppliers, retailers and producers
  • Access to voluntary and compliance carbon markets.


  • Specialist ESG and clean energy research
  • Corporate and investor ESG engagement programs.


  • Financial advisory
  • Debt and equity arrangement
  • Green impact assessment, reporting and ratings.

To find out more about what we have done over the last year, refer to the Macquarie Group ESG Report.