2021 Macquarie Technology Summit

Summit shorts

Explore a series of short videos featuring global technology leaders from our 2021 Macquarie Technology Summit.

FinTech 2030

Start-ups and tech entrepreneurs have been at the forefront of changing the way we think about and manage money. The founders of FinTech Collective, a New York based venture capital firm, Gareth Jones and Brooks Gibbins share insights from 20+ years of supporting emerging fintech entrepreneurs and what we can expect to see over the next decade.

Transformative trading technologies

As the financial services industry embarked on a digital transformation, traders accessing financial markets on behalf of institutional clients were left frustrated by rigid platforms that required labour-intensive, manual processes. Celer Technologies co-founder and CEO Ben Cuthbert, introduced by Jeff Smartt, Head of Technology in Macquarie's Commodities and Global Markets business, discusses the opportunity he saw to deliver trading software that provides greater flexibility and efficiency, through automation.

Ethical microfinancing through technology

Good Financial was established in 2018 with a mission to assist foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong who struggle to overcome the significant challenges of seeking financial assistance - high loan rates and aggressive debt collectors. Ben Way, Head of Macquarie Asset Management, introduces Good Financial CEO and Co-Founder, Jared King, who shares insight into the role fintech plays in helping migrant workers, and generating a positive social impact.

Exceptional digital experiences

Already a significant trend, the rise of eCommerce has only accelerated due to COVID-19. But how do you improve customers' digital experience and distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace? Introduced by Anand Subramanian, Head of US Capital Markets for Macquarie Capital Principal Finance, Raj de Datta, Co-Founder and CEO of Bloomreach explains how Bloomreach is helping some of the world's largest ecommerce brands with these problems.

Powering alternative investments

The alternative investment sector is undergoing transformation, with investors and their financial advisors often facing considerable challenges in accessing and monitoring the performance of their investments. Rafay Farooqui, Founder and CEO of +SUBSCRIBE, introduced by Andrea Mody from Macquarie Asset Management, talks about the impact of the +SUBSCRIBE platform in democratising alternative investments.

Data-driven funding

Daniel Wong, Global Co-Head of Macquarie Capital introduces James Banks, Chief Executive of non-profit London Funders, who shares how the organisation is using data to drive needs analysis, enabling it to allocate grant funding based on where in the city the need is greatest and effectively measure the impact it's having.

Upskilling the future workforce

Discover the impact of COVID-19 on culture and talent - what they expect and want - and some of the skills needed on the future workforce. Michael Maness, Co-Founder of Subculture and Jennifer Coyle, Global Head of Leadership, Talent & Culture at Macquarie Group discuss what leadership teams need to do to ensure they have the right culture, talent and environment to support innovation in this rapidly changing world.

Confidence in data-rich decisions

As the world digitises, the proliferation of data created by each of us in the course of our everyday lives has become an increasingly valuable commodity. In banking, as in other industries, this is creating new possibilities for consumers and financial institutions alike.

Jeremy Tasker, Macquarie Capital's Head of Financial Sponsors and Private Equity introduces Simon Bligh, CEO of Illion, the leading independent provider of trusted data and analytics products and services in Australasia.

The changing workplace

Big change means big opportunity. What does this mean for the workplace experience as organisations seize the opportunity and learn from a period of accelerated change?

Hear from leading voices who are thinking about the intersection of people, technology and the changing workplace, as they share their insights and optimism for a better future.

Closing the global education gap

Professor Anant Agarwal, founder and CEO of online learning platform and non-profit edX, discusses the role of technology in providing greater access to education, introduced by Rachel Engel, Regional Head of Macquarie Group Foundation. edX are a grant partner of the Macquarie Group Foundation through its COVID-19 Donation Fund.

Advancing technology for governments

The private sector has a key role in enabling innovation to help governments be more effective and efficient. Introduced by Jared Doskow, Managing Director, Macquarie Capital Principal Finance, in this piece Dovel Technologies' CEO Damon Griggs, shares how Dovel is blending deep domain expertise with advanced technologies to accelerate solutions for governments and the community.

Accelerating disability-tech

Pete Horsley, founder of non-profit Remarkable, talks about the ways in which technology is empowering people with disability to lead full and fulfilling lives. Pete is introduced by Lisa George, Global Head of the Macquarie Group Foundation, which is proud to support Remarkable’s journey through its Social Innovation Award.

Accessibility through technology

Vietnam is rapidly transforming from a "cash is king” economy to one that is “mobile first”, with digital wallets transforming daily commerce between consumers and merchants. Chairman of fintech startup MoMo, Anthony Thomas, explains how technology is being used to build an integrated digital payments ecosystem to provide greater access to payment solutions and financial services. In this session, Anthony is introduced by Colin Wu, Managing Director, Macquarie Capital Principal Finance.

2021 Macquarie Technology Summit

Our 2021 Macquarie Technology Summit brought together technology leaders from some of the world's most innovative companies. Over 150 speakers shared insights across digital society, the future of enterprise and fintech across 60+ sessions. Experience the highlights from the three-day event.