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Julia Nguyen and Kapil Gosain: How a risk mindset plays a vital role in business growth

As part of Macquarie’s Business Operational Risk Team, Kapil Gosain and Julia Nguyen play an important role in supporting the growth of our business. Having recently embarked on their career journeys with Macquarie, they credit the forward thinking and supportive culture as key reasons why they joined.

Pivoting a global career

Kapil Gosain’s career has taken him around the world. Having studied a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications at university in India, he began his career in 2007 as a business analyst for an international IT consulting firm where he was given the opportunity to work in both the UK and the US.

Returning to India in 2012, Kapil completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and worked for a variety of tech companies but decided he wanted to settle elsewhere, which brought Kapil to Australia in 2019. “The weather and culture were a drawcard, as well as the Australian market,” he says. “It’s established, but it also has scope for growth.”

Kapil took on consecutive contract roles as a senior business analyst for two banks, before deciding he’d like to pivot to a career in risk management. Knowing it would be hard to break into a new area, he thought strategically and put Macquarie on his list.

“A lot of organisations won’t give you the chance to do something new,” Kapil says. “I knew Macquarie had a different approach.”

When he applied for the role of Business Operation Risk Manager, aligned to the Enterprise Technology team, Kapil was honest about lacking direct risk management experience. However, he pointed out that he had experienced risk from “the other side” as a business analyst.

Kapil was successful in his application and joined Macquarie in October 2020.

“They recognised my aptitude and skills,” Kapil says. “Macquarie’s interview process is serious because they are giving you a career, not a job.”

Embracing risk

Kapil was attracted to risk management in part because it is a growing field with a huge scope.

The Enterprise Technology team delivers tech solutions for other Macquarie divisions and Kapil is aligned to work as the link between the tech and business teams.

“The business needs to understand the risks that are generated by any technology - regulatory and day-to-day,” says Kapil.

Macquarie’s approach to risk is to consider the whole environment. As a result, Kapil describes his role as interactive and says he enjoys a lot of involvement with various parts of the wider business.

“We don’t operate in silos and that’s important for risk management,” Kapil says.

“I work with the tech and risk teams but also the audit and supplier teams, so I get a unique perspective. There’s a benefit to all areas, and to the growth of the business, by considering what could go wrong and why it matters.”


In his first year with Macquarie, Kapil had undertaken formal training in supplier management and cloud technology to better understand what his stakeholders need.

“Macquarie sees that upskilling is important,” Kapil explains. “I’ve done training and certifications both within and outside of the risk environment.”

Kapil says his confidence in a new field has grown with the support of his team, and he feels motivated by the culture that embraces flexible working and the work/life balance this empowers.

“Everyone works hard and wants to perform,” Kapil says. “It encourages you to grow.”

Strength through diversity

“I really value the diversity at Macquarie,” Julia Nguyen says. “From the global offices to the different backgrounds and cultures of the people, it develops you both personally and professionally.”

Julia says this diversity extends to the Business Operational Risk Management team, which she joined in early 2021. She is now one of eight risk managers aligned to Banking and Financial Services and focuses on technology.

“The diversity of our backgrounds is one of our biggest strengths,” says Julia. “Some have been IT business analysts, testers, or worked in service management, others in risk management or internal audit, while my own background is in IT auditing. This means we have many different ways of thinking.”

While Julia was completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Economics, she got a taste of the banking industry, working part-time in customer-facing retail banking roles. She was drawn to the niche area of IT audit and began her career in risk assurance at an accounting firm, before moving to a large financial services company as IT Risk and Controls Manager in 2020.

Forward thinking

After four years within the finance industry, Julia wanted to expand her skills in a forward-thinking organisation within the risk and change space and set her sights on Macquarie. She was particularly interested in the role she applied for because it tied into Macquarie Bank’s digital acceleration and was a step up in her career.  

“I really appreciate the opportunity that Macquarie has given me to take on more responsibility relatively early on in my career,” says Julia. “The people here encourage growth and I’m grateful they saw my experience and potential.”

“I also knew from working with Macquarie as a client in my previous role that it is a great organisation with a fantastic culture.”

Variety and change

Julia gets involved when software or SAAS products are being integrated into the retail bank or when internal teams are building new systems.

“I look after the digital space within our Banking and Financial Services group. This encompasses the digital platform, digital experience in e-banking, security and fraud,” Julia explains. “I support product owners, engineers and developers with identifying and managing technology risks, from feature releases on e-banking, or BPAY changes. This means making sure we’re appropriately managing any tech, legal, security, data, privacy and operational risks.”

Julia meets with engineers and developers to assess changes and new product releases, as well as analysing any day-to-day incidents that impact the bank’s platforms.

Working in risk and change provides a level of variety she enjoys, with no two weeks the same. Julie says her involvement in spearheading the organisations largest cloud migration project, and seeing intelligent fraud tools come to life, are just some of her biggest career highlights.

“You don’t need to know everything already, but you need to be willing to learn,” Julia says.

Risk enables growth

Julia describes Macquarie's risk focus as mature.

“We approach risk in a proactive way,” Julia says. “Every tech engineer has a risk mindset so, as a risk manager, I advise and validate and we continue to move forward collaboratively, to do a product release or integration.”

“Macquarie always ensures risk is part of the conversation - it’s part of the fabric of the organisation,” Julia says.

“I really enjoy being part of the journey, and creating a safe and secure environment for  Macquarie to pursue their mission of becoming the number one digital bank.”

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