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Semiconductor Equipment Corp.(SEC) Model 860 Eagle

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Semiconductor Equipment Corp.(SEC)

Model 860 Eagle

Flip Chip Bonder


Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 1998

Currently Configured for: To be determined

Current Equipment Status: Available

Location of Equipment: Bend, United States

Available date: Currently Available

Configuration. Audit to verify.

Standard Features of S.E.C. Model 860

Two Bond Ranges

Precision servo-motor driven Z motion with the option of choosing from 2 closed loop bond control ranges from 5 grams to 10 kilograms; your choice of one range per configuration.

Viewing System

Extend-retract cube beam splitter viewing system with fiber optic illuminators including color CCD video camera; 14" monitor with a magnification range of 20X to 200X.

Operator Settings

Simplified flat panel display for viewing the cycle and prompting operator action via joystick as process proceeds, providing time and temperature readouts. Internal PC for controlling bond load, temperature profiles, process times and machine cycle. Hard drive and 3.5" floppy disk drive included.

Workstage (3 options available)

Micrometer adjusted workstage holder for movement over either a small or large open area in X, Y and theta during pickup; easily detachable, modular workstage not included – choose from a 1-1/2" rapid (to 400 degrees C) heat-up stage for small substrates, a 4" preset fixed stage (to maximum of 350 degrees C) for large area heating, or a cold, unheated 4" stage.


4" square work chuck with vacuum hold down for either fixed heat or unheated stage or a 3/4" square flat vacuum chuck for rapid heat-up; custom work chucks available.


Thermocompression bond head with fixed pick-up tool for operation from cold temperature up to 250 degrees C; includes temperature ramping feature (for adhesive applications) during placement process.


· Die sizes up to 2.0” sq.

· 1 Micron placement accuracy. (Actual die placement accuracy depends on the application).

· Magnification up to 560X

· Viewable area 2.0 ‘’ square. (With optional X-Y motorized viewer

· Stages 1”, 2”, 4” square standard. (other sizes and shapes available)

· Stage temperatures to 450 C (depends on stage selected)

· Stage temperature ramp rate: 1” rapid heat-15 C/sec, 2” rapid heat-10 C/sec

· Bond head temp to 400 C. (depends on bond head selected)

· Bond load 10g to 10Kg (depends on bond head selected).

· Power: 120/220V, 10/5 amp. 50-60 Hz

· Compressed Air: 60 psi

· Vacuum: 10” Hg

· Gas: 40 psi (cover gas for spot heating)

· Weight: System: 300 lbs. - Shipping: 400 lbs

  1. It has not been tested for full functionality for flip chip bonding. This instrument was pulled from service in 2008. It was repurposed to assemble small plastic components for the sensor program for a year and then retired again. The force gauge in the unit is unstable.
  2. There are two heat stages 1x1” each and a part holder stage that is 4x4 inches. The heat stage provides vacuum clamping for small parts up to ¼” x ¼” in size. The unit has an attachment for a hot air probe that will provide a hot air jet.
  3. Vacuum source NOT included 

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