Get on board with BoardLead

Newly elected BoardLeaders attending a recent in-person board service training session in New York City

Macquarie employees across the Americas discuss how non-profit board service empowers them to impact their communities in meaningful ways. 

At Macquarie, empowering our people to leverage their skills and expertise to help build a better future through supporting non-profit organisations is one example of how we live our purpose. Since 2019, Macquarie has partnered with Cause Strategy Partners on its signature BoardLead program, which connects talented and diverse professionals with non-profit board service opportunities that resonate with their interests and are making a difference in communities in which they live or work.

“Macquarie Group has been a powerful driver of positive social impact through our partnership together,” comments Rob Acton, Founder and CEO of Cause Strategy Partners. “Macquarie professionals show up fully dedicated to serving the causes we connect them to, making non-profit board service an integral part of their personal and professional identity. They are an inspiration.”

Barry Klein, New York: Leveraging personal experience to do good for society

Barry is a Senior Equity Analyst in Macquarie Asset Management and an advocate for underrepresented communities.

Barry Klein and the Stupid Cancer Board at their semi-annual Board Retreat

Why BoardLead?

When I elected to participate in BoardLead’s board placement program two years ago, I found myself at a point in my life and career where I wanted to use my expertise in finance, and my personal experiences, to support community organisations doing good for society.

I knew I could make a positive impact for underrepresented communities by leveraging my background in finance and leadership at Macquarie, to support an organisation seeking business-minded people with practical corporate experience to support their mission’s social objectives. BoardLead provided me with the guidance and confidence to integrate my experience into a first-time non-profit board role.

Which non-profit and why?

I believe it’s important to support an organisation whose mission truly resonates emotionally. BoardLead helped me refine what I was looking for and ultimately matched me with Stupid Cancer, the nation’s largest Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer non-profit.

Most people view cancer as a disease that impacts young kids or the elderly, so the AYA community becomes underrepresented and their unique issues, ranging from career prospects to financial and fertility issues, are not adequately addressed. Throughout my life, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles faced by young people battling cancer. 

For me, it’s crucial to empower everyone affected by adolescent and young adult cancer to share their stories and build community.”

Barry Klein
Senior Equity Analyst
Macquarie Asset Management 

I joined the Stupid Cancer board to help it reach its vision of making sure everyone in the AYA community is supported, understood, and accepted.


What are you most looking forward to?

One of my personal goals was to improve Stupid Cancer’s long-term financial viability along with its budget review process, to ensure it can continue empowering our community through innovative programming for years to come. I fundraise on behalf of Stupid Cancer to strengthen its financial position and have used my background in asset management to take ownership of its budget to ensure cash on hand is protected to ensure it has sufficient cash on hand. 

My colleagues at Macquarie have been so supportive of my involvement with Stupid Cancer. I’m looking forward to organising my Third Annual Activities Challenge during our Foundation Week this October. The challenge – which has raised $US15,000 over the past two years – sees me and my colleagues form teams that raise money by doing activities that increase their heart rates. Anything works – from golfing, to walking your dog, running a marathon, or playing pickleball. 

Nicole Spaur, Houston: The power of making a difference in someone’s life

Nicole is a Division Director within Macquarie's Risk Management Group and joined BoardLead to transform the lives of families in need.

Angela Burgess, Executive Director of RaiseUp Families (left) with Nicole Spaur (right) at the Charity’s 2023 Graduation Celebration

Why BoardLead?

I had served on boards in the past and was ready to jump in again to board service when the opportunity to participate in BoardLead arose. I chose to go through BoardLead because it was a great option to gain visibility across a range of non-profits looking for professional skills and expertise. Through them, I heard about the non-profit I joined the board of RaiseUp Families.

Which non-profit and why?

I have many volunteer interests, but BoardLead helped me find the perfect fit with a non-profit that helps to address basic needs in my community - like food, shelter, health, employment and education.

BoardLead placed me with RaiseUp Families, which helps parents experiencing financial hardship provide a stable home and education for their children.”

Nicole Spaur
Division Director
Risk Management Group

That really resonated with my own belief that no family should ever experience homelessness and that every child deserves the opportunity to pursue a brighter future.


What are you most looking forward to?

I’m grateful that so many of my Macquarie colleagues have joined me in supporting RaiseUp Families over the past three years, particularly through team fundraising opportunities. The Macquarie Group Foundation continues to match every dollar we raise through its matching policy, which seeks to ensure that our team fundraising efforts are genuinely recognized and appreciated by our community and colleagues.

Money that we've raised in partnership with the Foundation has played a significant role in increasing the number of families RaiseUp Families can assist through its HandUp program. The program transforms the lives of Houston families in need in just 9 months, helping them achieve financial stability while ensuring their children have access to education.

I am so excited to see the program continue to grow and meaningfully impact participating families. What excites me even more is the long-term generational change being created in my community through RaiseUp Families’ programming.

Jodie Ng, New York: Find opportunities to turn knowledge into impact

Jodie is an Associate Director within Macquarie's Corporate Operations Group and works to educate communities around some of the world’s most pressing climate concerns.

Why BoardLead?

There were two main reasons I wanted to participate in BoardLead: the first and most important was the opportunity to expand the impact I could have in sustainability beyond my current role and in my community; the second was to develop skills that would further support my career.

BoardLead makes sure its participants are placed on boards that are meaningful to them. Being asked to think about what missions aligned with my values and personal purpose and how I could contribute was a great exercise that helped me refine my goals for board membership. BoardLead was helpful in connecting me to the right organisation, which ended up being the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF).

Which non-profit and why?

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation works with communities to restore, protect, and educate us on environmental issues around waterways, from oceans to rivers and lakes

By educating communities around me on our national marine reserves, I believe I can make a small difference in the big fight against climate change.”

Jodie Ng
Associate Director
Corporate Operations Group

What are you most looking forward to?

In June, I am heading to Washington D.C. to join my first board meeting, which happens to coincide with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s annual Capitol Hill Ocean Week event. I’m excited to join these sessions and learn more about our waterways and the role they play in biodiversity and climate change. I hope to turn this knowledge into impact, to better protect waterways to support both people and the planet.