Life developing experience for New Delhi uni students

New Delhi, 01 July 2014

Six university students from disadvantaged backgrounds practiced some essential workplace skills in their recent internship at Macquarie’s Gurgaon office.

The opportunity to develop an understanding of appropriate business behaviour, dress and language as well as building a sense of independence and self-confidence are the hallmarks of the Asha Internship and Mentorship Program. For many of the students, it was their first experience in a professional working environment.

The students were placed in different Macquarie teams, learning how to write a concise email, answer a telephone, greet colleagues in a professional manner and observe business culture.

Macquarie has been providing both internship opportunities and mentors to Asha since the programs launched in 2012.


Image caption: With the support of Asha, Anil - whose family resides in a Delhi slum – was able to complete a commerce degree and gain professional work experience at Macquarie’s Gurgaon office. This helped him secure a government job with India’s tax office. Anil is shown here at his Macquarie desk during his internship.