Fitness fans get physical for good causes

02 Dec 2016

It doesn’t take much to get the competitive spirit flowing when colleagues gather around to watch their workmates undertake a physical challenge, as Macquarie Jacksonville employee Michael Atack discovered when he coordinated an office rowing challenge for charity recently.

“People were rowing hard because their team mates were really cheering them on – it was great to see,” Atack said. “Once you get that kind of atmosphere, people do push themselves.”

The rowing challenge for local veterans’ charity K9 For Warriors was part of a cross-office fitness challenge which also included Macquarie participants in New York, Houston and London.

The initiative also included a plank challenge and wall sit; in Jacksonville push ups were also required.

“We were hoping to be able to organise it at the same time as the other offices and have a kind of live video conference event but we couldn’t quite pull it off,” Atack said.

“So we all did it in our own time and it was a great event – except our top planking time in Jacksonville was four minutes and I think the overall winner was able to hold it for something like 20 minutes so we weren’t really in contention from that perspective!”

The cross-office fundraiser contributed US$8,130 for the three charities chosen by each American office (in New York CancerCare was nominated and in Houston The Hay Center) while in London £3,375 was raised for London Air Ambulance.

Image caption: Up against the wall for a good cause in Jacksonville.