2022 Macquarie Australia Conference

Macquarie Group's Australia Conference connects capital and ideas. The conference is the largest annual gathering of Australian companies with both domestic and international institutional investors.​

​Over three days, the conference attracted over 1,000 institutional investors and featured presentations from more than 100 top Australian and New Zealand companies.​

The 2022 conference was a hybrid event, with in-person and online activities to accommodate both regional and international audiences and key speakers.​

The largest annual gathering of Australian companies and global institutional investors

24th year

Macquarie's Australia Conference has been running since 1997.


ASX listed companies presented this year.


Investors attended the conference in person.

2022 opening keynote

Macquarie Group CEO Shemara Wikramanayake reflects on emerging industrial and macroeconomic trends in the opening keynote at the 24th annual Macquarie Australia Conference.

2022 analyst wrap report

The post-event analyst wrap report highlights some of the key takeaways from the Conference, including from a macroeconomic and sectoral perspective.

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Balancing investment risk and return through asset allocation

In this episode, we explore the world of asset allocation and its role in balancing risk and return within investment portfolios.

Our host Kristen Edmond, Head of Macquarie’s Equity Research team in Australia and New Zealand, is joined by Macquarie alumnus, Tanya Branwhite, Head of Portfolio Construction for TCorp - the investment and financial management arm of the New South Wales Government in Australia. Together, they discuss the evolution of asset allocation in the face of changing market dynamics and the growth in data availability, and how Tanya approaches the responsibility of overseeing 14 portfolios, which equates to $A110 billion in funds under management, on behalf of Australia’s most populous state.

Our expertise

Macquarie has been active in the Australian and New Zealand equities markets for more than 25 years and has one of the strongest local research footprints. Our award-winning research team is the largest in the Australian market and we are committed to leveraging our unparalleled level of expertise, insights and regional understanding in a way that delivers great value to our clients.”

Kristen Edmond
Head of Equity Research, Australia & New Zealand

Macquarie Australia and New Zealand Equity Research​

The number one ranked1 full-service equities platform with onshore and offshore sales teams dedicated to the Australia and New Zealand market. We bring valuable insights to our clients and investors around the world.

  1.  According to overall research and sales strength, Peter Lee Associates 2021 Survey of Australian Institutional Investors - Top 20 and All Investors​