Macquarie Plus

The best investment you can make is in yourself

We value our people; we understand you’re most likely to succeed professionally when you have access to the tools and opportunities to enable you to achieve your personal aspirations as well.

Introducing Macquarie Plus

Macquarie Plus is our holistic wellbeing programme, designed to help you be your best – both at work and at home. 

Whether you’re looking to stay fit, engage with your workplace community or support the ones you love, Macquarie Plus can help you balance the challenges of everyday life with the demands of a fast-paced working environment.

Macquarie Plus provides access to a range of benefits and initiatives designed to support you in optimising your physical, psychological and financial wellbeing, and encourage you to make the most of the culture and sense of community you’ll find at Macquarie.  

What do you want to achieve?

Be active

Whether you’re looking to maintain an active lifestyle, or you want to start taking steps towards doing more, Macquarie Plus offers a range of options and benefits to help you keep moving. 

Along with discounted gym membership, there are a number of employee-managed communities focused on staying active – from running clubs and netball teams to pilates classes and more. 

Be healthy

We want our people to be as healthy and happy as possible. In addition to fitness initiatives, Macquarie Plus also provides a number of health benefits. 

At Macquarie, we run health initiatives including free physiotherapy consultation, sports massage, a private GP service, discounted eye care, and mindfulness practice. Our employee assistance programme also provides confidential and professional counselling services to help you manage personal or work-related concerns or challenges.

Connect with others

Macquarie's vibrant community groups include everything from singing to sport. In an organisation that thrives on teamwork, our community groups provide the opportunity to informally connect with colleagues away from our day-to-day work. 

In addition to attending regular networking events, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your passions (or discover new ones) with likeminded colleagues from all corners of the business. We have choir groups, gardening and photography clubs and many more communities to help you extend your personal and professional network.

Take care of your family

As our workforce diversifies, and technology evolves to allow freedom to work in different locations, Macquarie’s flexible working arrangements are designed to assist you in achieving career, personal, family and relationship goals.

Your family is important to you, so they’re important to us too. We’re committed to providing the support you need to balance work life with home life; including access to emergency childcare and eldercare services, financial services and a range of medical and personal insurances.

Working at Macquarie



“Over the past two years, I’ve been a member of the Macquarie Choir in London. This has allowed me to expand my network and build some long-term friendships. I’ve also noticed that singing outside of the office has made me more comfortable with public speaking in the office. The choir is a great opportunity to get off the desk once a week and try something completely different to my day job.”



"Macquarie cares about my wellness and provides access to yoga and pilates lessons, as well as ‘in-house’ massages. This makes a huge difference to my health and wellbeing and my ability to give my best to Macquarie. As part of our wellness initiative I have also been to some very insightful talks that have better equipped me to deal with challenges in the workplace such as coping with stress and dealing with chronic illness.”



“A wellbeing ambassador is all about being there to listen if someone wants to talk. Talking about and sharing a problem - even if it’s just to bounce an idea off someone in confidence - can be very helpful. It’s not necessarily about resolving issues, but encouraging people to look at problems from a different perspective. I’m proud to be a wellbeing ambassador and have been privileged to provide another point of view that I hope has helped to provide some clarity.”