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Application process

Applications open on 1 September each year. Close dates vary according to the programme you are applying for, please see below:

  • Graduate Programme (London roles) – 27 October 2023
  • Summer Internship Programme (London roles) – 31 October 2023
  • Graduate Programme (roles in other European offices) - 31 December 2023
  • Summer Internship Programme (roles in other European offices) - 31 December 2023
  • Spring Insight and Technology Insight Programmes – 30 November 2023
  • Quantitative and Data Analytics Programme – 31 December 2023

Please note that we review applications and extend offers for our Graduate and Summer Internship Programmes on a rolling basis, which means we may fill all available spaces for some divisions and locations prior to the application deadline.  Therefore, we strongly encourage you to submit your application as early as possible. Applications to our Insight Programmes are reviewed once the deadline has passed.

Macquarie values the innovation and creativity that diversity of thought brings. We are always looking for people who share our drive for innovation, ideas and excellence, no matter what your university degree or background is. 

A degree or work experience in finance is not a necessary requirement for our opportunities. If you meet the eligibility criteria and have a passion for the role or industry you have applied to, we’d love to hear from you. 

Students who have a track record of excellent academic success are encouraged to apply. To be eligible for our Graduate Programme, you must be:

  • completing your final academic year of study of an undergraduate or master's degree
  • graduating in 2024

Unfortunately, we are unable to consider candidates who have recently completed their studies or who have already graduated, as well as PhD and MBA candidates for our Graduate Programme.

The eligibility criteria for our opportunities outside of London may differ so please check the job description for more information.

Visit our programmes to find out more.

To be eligible for our Summer Internship Programme, you must be:

  • in your penultimate year of study of an undergraduate or master’s degree at the time of application, and
  • graduating in 2025

Please note that if you are currently in your final year of study and are planning on studying a master’s degree and graduating in 2025, we will require written evidence of your enrolment in a course during the onboarding process.

Final year students are not eligible for our Internship Programme and should apply for the Graduate Programme.

We accept applications from students all over the world. We note that you may have varying academic timetables depending on your region, so please ensure that your CV clearly outlines your graduation year so we can ensure that you are eligible for the programme.

Unfortunately, PhD and MBA candidates are ineligible for our Summer Internship Programme and will not be considered. The eligibility criteria for our opportunities outside of London may differ, please check the job description for more information.

Visit our programmes to find out more.

To be eligible for our Insight Programme, you must be:

  • studying your first degree,
  • studying an undergraduate degree or a degree with an integrated master,
  • completing your studies in 2026 and either:
  • entering your first year of a three-year course; or
  • entering your second year of a four-year course; or
  • entering your third year of a five-year course.

This programme is designed for candidates with no previous experience and is an introduction to financial services. We accept applications from students all over the world. We note that you may have varying academic timetables depending on your region, so please ensure that your CV clearly outlines your graduation year so we can ensure that you are eligible for the programme. Postgraduate students are ineligible for this programme. 

To be eligible for our Quantitative and Data Analytics Programme you must be:

  • enrolled in a Masters or/PhD in Math, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science or other quantitative discipline and have strong programming skills and experience with Python and data tools
  • due to graduate by 2024 or have completed a Masters or PhD and graduated within the past two years (2021)

Macquarie offers Internship opportunities in multiple locations. We note that you may have varying academic timetables depending on your location, so please ensure that your CV clearly outlines your graduation year so we can ensure that you are eligible for the programme. 

The eligibility criteria for our opportunities outside of London may differ so please check the job description for more information. 

Visit our programmes to find out more.

Macquarie is able to offer Visa sponsorship for successful candidates. You need to inform us of your residency status when applying and to provide any necessary supporting documents.

If you were living in the UK before 31 December 2020 you should be eligible to apply to the EU Settlement scheme. More information about this can be found on the UK Government website.

If you are not living in the UK, please inform us and immigration information will be provided to successful candidates.  

We look for students with a strong academic background but there is no minimum grade requirement.

For our roles we look for candidates who have a track record of excellent academic success.

Yes, we only accept applications through our online process.

We only accept one application per person as we are looking for students who are passionate about the area that they are applying to. In your application you’ll have the opportunity to select a first and second preference. We will process your application for the first preference you select and will only consider you for your second preference should we think your profile is suitable for that area.

Please note that you are only able to apply for one programme due to our eligibility criteria (i.e. the Summer Internship Programme or Graduate Programme), so please only submit an application for the programme you are eligible for. Our Graduate Recruitment Team will use the first application form they receive from you and will disregard any further applications you submit. 

Go to our careers portal log-in page.

Select ‘Forgot password?’

An email will be sent to you with further instructions to help you reset your password.

You can track the status of your application at any time by logging into your account on our careers portal.

Once you have completed the application form, please upload your CV.

Remember, your application is your opportunity to tell us why you want to work for Macquarie and what sets you aside from the other applicants. Your CV should demonstrate any previous work experience, volunteering and extra-curricular activities that you have undertaken, as well as any key skills or achievements.

You do not need to include a covering letter or any other documentation like transcripts and references when you submit your application. If you are successful, we will ask you to provide these later in the process.

Make sure you submit your application well before the due date. For our Graduate and Summer Internship Programmes, we recruit on a rolling basis and may fill the opportunities before applications close. We do not accept late applications. For our Spring Insight and Technology Insight Programmes, we recruit after applications close.

Unfortunately, due to the high volumes of applications we receive, we’re unable to provide you with specific feedback on the outcome at the early stages of your application, however if you are invited to take part in a Superday or Final Interviews, we do provide all candidates with feedback.

If you’d like to receive a copy of your psychometric assessment report, please contact our Assessments team. Please allow two weeks for the team to respond.

Unfortunately, Macquarie does not run a formal Work Experience or Apprenticeship Programmes.

We are committed to making our workplace and culture welcoming and supportive for everyone. Please get in touch if you have accessibility requirements or need adjustments to support you to be at your best in the recruitment process. 

Recruitment process

The recruitment process varies slightly between our business groups and programmes. Typically, successful candidates go through the following process:

  1. A review of your application by the Early Recruitment Team, if successful you’ll be asked to
  2. Complete a psychometric assessment.  If you have the skills and attributes suitable for the opportunity you’ve applied for, we’ll invite you to take part in
  3. A pre-recorded video interview, where you’ll be asked questions relating to the opportunity and your motivation to work in that business area. If successful, we’ll invite you to a
  4. A Superday and you may be asked to complete a verification of the psychometric assessment, where you’ll interview with various members of the team. Graduate candidates may be invited to attend a final Interview. Following your final interviews, your recruiter will contact you to provide you with feedback. Depending on your role and the status of your application, you might be asked to verify your assessment results at our offices. If successful, we’ll make you an
  5. Offer, and initiate our offer process and employment screening. 

Please refer to our recruitment process video.

A psychometric assessment is a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' cognitive ability and behavioural style.

The information generated from this assessment, in combination with all of the other information gathered during the selection process, will be used to assist us in ensuring we have a comprehensive view of the match between you and the position you have applied for. There is no minimum score required to progress to the next stage. What we look for in your results are the specific skills and attributes required for the role you have applied for.

The assessment typically takes about an hour. If you complete the assessment at home, you may be asked to complete a verification assessment at a later date.

Make sure you are prepared. Your recruiter will send you further information about the psychometric assessment and a link to do some practice assessments which will help you familiarise yourself with the nature of the assessment. Please note that the practice assessment sent by your recruiter is the only authentic practice assessment for Macquarie.

More information on the assessment can be found in our recruitment process video.

Macquarie holds candidate psychometric assessment results for two years, so if you have completed an assessment within the last two years you will not be required to complete this again.

However, if you attended a Superday in the past two years, and sat a verification assessment and did not verify, you will be asked to sit a full assessment again. If you completed our psychometric assessment but haven’t attended a Superday or sat a verification assessment, you may be asked to complete a verification assessment so we can verify your previous results.

If you are invited to sit the assessment again in error, please contact our HR Service Desk who can advise you on next steps. We will re-review your assessment results and either progress you to the next stage of the recruitment process which is the video interview, or if we think you aren’t the right fit for the you have applied for, we will inform you that we won’t be progressing with your application any further. Note that if we do not progress your application any further, we are unable to provide you with feedback at this stage. 

You are able to request your assessment report two weeks after you have completed the test. For a copy of that report, please contact our HR Service Desk. Please allow the team two weeks to respond.

We recommend that you complete the assessment within 3 days of receiving the invitation during business hours, as technical support is unavailable outside of this time. 

There is no deadline to complete the assessment, but as we recruit on a rolling basis we encourage you to complete the assessment as soon as you are able to.

Please note that you do not need to inform us if you are delayed in completing the assessment.

If you are experiencing any technical issues or would like to tell us about an accessibility requirement that would enable you to achieve your best possible outcome in the assessment, please contact our HR Service Desk.

Please note, by starting the assessment (and video interview), you are confirming that you are able to complete it to the best of your ability. If you’re not feeling well, please wait until you are well enough to complete the assessment or video interview.

The deadline for the video interview will be clearly outlined to you in your invitation email and when you log into the video interview system. We will ensure we schedule this to give you plenty of time to prepare and complete the video.

We are unable to extend the deadline unless you have a mitigating circumstance. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact the Early Careers Team to discuss.

At Macquarie, we look for innovative, driven and talented students who share our drive for excellence. During the interview process we’ll be expecting you to show us that you’re commercially minded, passionate about what we do and can tell us why you think you’d be successful at Macquarie.

In order to prepare, we’d encourage you to

  • visit our careers page to find out more about the business you’re applying to
  • visit our Graduate stories to hear from our Graduates and gain insight into tips and advice to help you succeed
  • read our perspectives and market commentary to provide you with a more technical breadth of information relating to the finance industry
  • follow us on LinkedIn and use external sources to keep up to date with current market activity and trends
  • consider the skills and attributes you believe are important to excel in the area you’ve applied to, and think of examples of when you have demonstrated these.

We endeavour to respond to you as soon as we can but during campaign periods we receive a high volume of applications. We aim to provide you with an update on your application within two weeks.

Working at Macquarie

The Graduate Programme will commence in either July or August and runs for 12 months depending on your business group.

The Summer Internship Programme typically commences mid-June and finishes in late August over a 9-week period.

The Spring Insight Programme runs for 5 days in the Easter holidays. The Technology Insight Programme is a one-day event held in the Easter holidays.

Macquarie cannot guarantee a deferred place for your Graduate or Intern role as business requirements may change. However, we will consider you for an opportunity on the programme in the following cohort if there is a position available.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Graduates an early start date. All Graduates will join us in July.

Your career development starts with a tailored orientation and business group-specific workshops and technical training. You will embark on a structured Programme with on-the-job training, access to a comprehensive range of external and internal courses and the opportunity to build your business network. The Programme also focuses on personal development and wellbeing.

Learning and development continues throughout your career at Macquarie. Employees have access to a comprehensive range of learning and development opportunities through external and internal courses.

In addition, you’ll sit side-by-side with business leaders and have the opportunity to learn from some of the best industry professionals in the country.

Yes, we offer off-cycle internships that give promising students the chance to experience one of our key business areas in an enjoyable and intellectually challenging way. These internships are available different locations throughout the year and are designed to give you a unique experience in the financial services industry and Macquarie. To be applicable, you must be enrolled in a course at an institute of higher education. Deadlines vary depending on placement and location.

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