A state of the union on the payments sector

12 October 2021

From the increased popularity of contactless payments and buy now, pay later to the central bank sponsorship of digital currencies, the world is experiencing a transformation in the ways in which it purchases goods and services. Paul Golding, Macquarie’s US Senior Analyst covering the lifestyle and payments sectors, breaks down some of these trends with payments industry podcast PayPod, including the digitisation of commerce and the various technologies powering the global economy.


Looking at the payment sector as well as the tools and technologies that enable its flows is a way of examining how the blood is flowing through the circulatory system of the global economy.”

Paul Golding
Macquarie US Senior Payments and Lifestyle Analyst


PayPod, a podcast by Soar Payments, explores the fast-changing world of payments and fintech.


This episode by Soar Payments was recorded on 22 September 2021. All predictions and or comments were made at the time of recording.