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Group Treasury empowers our businesses to make an impact by providing funding, capital and advisory services. It’s an exciting time to join our team as we continue to transform our data, automation, digitalisation strategy and enhance our technologies. It is our people driving this change. 

Being part of Group Treasury means you will be at the forefront, providing strategic analysis and advice to Macquarie’s operating groups and senior management. We are passionate and collaborative, coming together to ensure Macquarie has the resources needed to meet our ongoing commercial requirements and pursue growth opportunities. We also support our businesses by managing interest rate and liquidity risk, debt investor and banking relationships, Macquarie’s liquid assets portfolio and our Group structure.

In return, you’ll have the opportunity to develop and utilise new skills, progress in your career and do meaningful work. You’ll learn both on the job and through our various learning and development programs, and work alongside our senior leaders.

Regardless of your background or what you studied, you’ll be supported by a diverse team where the unique perspectives, ideas and experiences that all of our people bring are valued. You’ll be able to work flexibly, and we provide the technology, support and resources to enable our people to manage their work and life priorities. 


About Group Treasury

We enable business growth by providing a strong and efficient balance sheet, delivering stakeholder confidence.


professionals globally and 6 offices worldwide


in debt issuance in the 2022 Financial Year


transformation projects in flight


cash and liquid asset portfolio at Feb 22

Our scope

  • Raise diversified and cost-effective funding and capital
  • Support optimal business decisions through accurate pricing of funding and capital, and comprehensive financial projections and analysis
  • Manage balance sheet and interest rate risk
  • Enable businesses and the Group to structure themselves in the most efficient manner
  • Partner with, empower and provide strategic insights to Macquarie's business groups in their pursuit of new opportunities
  • Develop our people to be connected, innovative and proactive
  • Maintain and enhance Macquarie’s rating and market access via engagement with debt investors, banks and rating agencies
  • Deliver quality regulatory capital and liquidity information for regulatory disclosure and balance sheet management
  • Provide a flexible and proactive approach to regulatory change

Our teams in Group Treasury

The Liquidity/Group Treasury Markets team is responsible for managing the Group’s cash, liquid assets, collateral, and short-term funding in the most efficient way. The team develops internal liquidity frameworks, interprets regulatory requirements and monitors compliance.

They also provide market access capabilities to execute our liquidity management and hedge market risk exposures across our entities.

The Funding team is responsible for the management and execution of the Group’s debt issuance, its relationships with banking counterparties and the pricing of funding to the operating groups. They access global capital markets, engaging with debt investors and banks to ensure we have an appropriate, diversified and a conservative mix of funding.

The Capital team is responsible for management of the Group’s capital position and credit ratings. The team develops frameworks to determine the appropriate amount and mix of capital, considering regulatory, ratings agency, debt investor and shareholder expectations; and recommends and executes on capital actions.

The Transactions and Structure team develops and manages the Group’s corporate and intercompany capital and funding structure. The team provides structuring support for large scale principal transactions, thinking broadly about potential commercial, regulatory, accounting and tax implications.

Reporting, Risk, Analytics and Platforms delivers quality capital and liquidity information to fulfill regulatory reporting obligations and liquidity/capital management, under a robust risk management framework. The team enables a strong and efficient balance sheet through support and transformation of processes, data, systems and analytics.

Group Financial Planning and Analysis provides strategic insights and advice to Macquarie’s operating groups and senior management. They are responsible for the profit and loss and balance sheet projections and analysis, providing the overall view of Macquarie's financial position.

Dedicated teams providing deep product and regulatory expertise to support operating group growth and agility. Through close collaboration with operating groups, these teams will drive transformation and continuous improvement in liquidity and capital reporting and analysis. 

The Group Treasury Transformation team is responsible for implementing new technology, data flows and business processes. This will enhance compliance with prudential standards, enrich management analysis and insights, and give us the ability to quickly adapt to change. 

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