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Tyler Sage: Finding community and accountability in the workplace

Combining his love for mathematics and teamwork, Tyler Sage’s internship with Macquarie provided a combination that suited his skills. Throughout the Graduate Program, he has felt supported by a team invested in his growth and wellbeing. As part of the Financial Management Group, he is extending his skills and gaining increasing accountability and responsibility.

When Tyler Sage started high school, he had a conversation with his father about the kind of career he wanted to pursue.

As a student-athlete competing in wrestling, he knew he wanted a career path that would challenge him in the same way balancing sports and school did. As they sat down and weighed the options, the choice became clear.

“I have always been able to build strong relationships, naturally good with math, and genuinely interested in the markets. A career in financial services seemed to match my strengths.”

Tyler began to explore the opportunities at the various firms recruiting from his university.

“I didn’t know much about Macquarie before meeting a few employees at my university’s career fair. After extensive research and conversations with employees working in the Jacksonville office, I was impressed by the combination of culture, work-life balance, and high-performance Macquarie offered.”

Tyler decided the Macquarie Graduate Program would be the best place to start his career.

Supported by his team

Today, two years since joining the program, Tyler is a Senior Associate in the Financial Management Group. He supports the Macquarie Asset Management business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from the Macquarie Jacksonville, Florida office.

“Supporting a team in another location provides great exposure to individuals within the business. Frequent meetings between colleagues in Philadelphia and our team in Jacksonville help show the positive impact my work has from results and relationship perspectives. This gives me a lot of fulfilment.”

Throughout his experience with Macquarie, Tyler shares that he feels supported and pleasantly surprised by the ongoing effort put into his skill and knowledge development.

“As a new graduate entering the workforce, I never feel lost with a task I cannot complete. The training experience is extremely detailed and geared toward learning the “why” not just the “how.”

As Tyler’s skills grow, his managers continue to offer him further training opportunities to tackle complex and challenging tasks.
“I have become a source of knowledge for my Finance team members looking to understand one of our mutual fund businesses. The feeling of accountability and responsibility is great.”

The business relies on the accurate and efficient performance of the Finance team to meet critical deliverables and maintain the general ledger. “I find this makes accountability important to our team. We are held accountable for our personal responsibilities and helping other team members.”
Tyler feels this environment mixed with great team camaraderie is a recipe for high performance.

Gaining hands-on experience

Tyler credits his success to the hands-on experience he has received as part of the Macquarie Graduate Program. The ability to put his theoretical knowledge from school to immediate use supporting our mutual fund business was a catalyst for growth.

“I learned more in my first six months at Macquarie than my last two years of university. Rotating through different teams, receiving focused training, and having daily exposure to established professionals has been critical to my career growth.” 

Finding a sense of community

In addition to feeling he is contributing to his team, Tyler feels part of a community at Macquarie. Coming from a sports background, Tyler excels in a team environment.

“There are regular networking events to keep us connected, even virtually.  It is evident to me that people are happy. It is not uncommon to hear coffee break laughter coming from the kitchen when people are in the office. My co-workers support me and I support them. Having fun at work is not only possible but encouraged.”

Tyler’s advice to those beginning their career search is - “do your research and make sure the company is a good match for you. Ask questions and make an effort to get involved as much as you can. This will ensure you get the most out of your experience.”

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