Our specialist expertise

Accelerating the energy transition

As the world transitions to low carbon, we help industries and companies meet their renewable energy needs, strengthen infrastructure resilience, and support decarbonisation.

We are well placed to support our clients given our deep expertise and capabilities across the energy spectrum and our leading commodities and financial markets platform. We are already very active in this global transition, with a long track record of developing innovative client solutions across carbon and emissions, renewable and flexible power, clean fuels and sustainable transport.

Our Global Carbon business

Providing increased access to voluntary carbon markets and high-quality carbon offsetting solutions that will play an important contributory role in global decarbonisation.

Our newly formed Global Carbon business builds on our Group-wide energy transition activity and is a continuation of 15 years’ involvement in physical and financial environmental products markets around the world.

The business will be focused on voluntary and emerging carbon markets, as a corollary to our long-standing involvement in compliance markets globally. We believe these markets play a vital contributory role in supporting businesses on their energy transition pathways, particularly those operating in hard-to-abate sectors, as they strive continually to meet and further advance their climate objectives and commitments. As part of this, we will also look to invest capital into carbon reduction and removal projects by partnering with clients to help grow the market and drive further climate action.

The combination of our environmental products expertise and market-leading commodities platform perfectly positions Global Carbon to deliver a quality-differentiated supply of offsets and a suite of cutting-edge, highly impactful products to clients.

“Energy transition is a strategic theme for the industry and our business. Our clients are increasingly looking to us for insights and support and, as these markets evolve, we are well placed to help them capture value given our long track record and deep expertise.”

Nick O'Kane, Head of Commodities and Global Markets