Luke who is employed through the White Box Enterprises trial

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Global social impact investing focus

Global social impact investing focus 

Recognising that many people around the world face systemic barriers to employment, our social impact investments focus on breaking down these barriers and building effective pathways to economic security.  

Through our social impact investments, we are expanding the impact and sustainability of our community efforts. A $A20 million allocation is being used to fund impact-first catalytic capital investments, addressing social needs of vulnerable members of our community, in the areas of education and employment.

This catalytic funding aims to be patient, risk-tolerant, flexible and concessionary. Any financial returns will be re-invested into future Foundation social impact projects.

In this video, hear from Kaleb, a young person living with autism and anxiety, who is employed as a digital marketing assistant by Yourtown, one of 15 social enterprises taking part in White Box Enterprises Payment By Outcomes (PBO) trial.

White Box: A new approach to solving long-term unemployment for people living with a disability

The Macquarie Group Foundation’s commitment to breaking down barriers to employment has seen it become one of three impact investors taking part in the White Box Enterprises Payment By Outcomes (PBO) trial. 

Current investment overview

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Headquarters Brisbane, Queensland
Reach Australiia

Over the next nine months, up to 170 people living with a disability will be supported into award wage employment with one of nine jobs-focused social enterprises selected to participate in a landmark Payment By Outcomes trial. As each person achieves milestones in their employment, the social enterprise employing and supporting them will receive outcomes-based payments at 6, 12 and 18 months, as well as additional payments when an employee chooses to transition to another employer. The payments will cover the costs of the wrap-around supports these businesses provide people living with a disability such as workplace capacity building, flexible work environments, social support structures, and career support. Macquarie Group Foundation, Tripple and Hand Heart Pocket Foundation have invested to fund the upfront costs and provide working capital to get the trial underway.

Read more about the Payment By Outcomes (PBO) trial.
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Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Reach Asia-Pacific

Small businesses are the backbone of emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific, yet struggle to access funding and support. This problem is compounded for women entrepreneurs, who face discrimination and lack the same collateral, education and ownership rights as men. Macquarie's investment into the Good Return Impact Investment fund will finance SMEs in rural Indonesia and Cambodia, focussing on businesses which are women-led and generate jobs and income in low-income communities. The funding will also provide business skills and training and better access to markets for these businesses. The wider impact will be a more inclusive economy, where more businesses can play a role in building sustainable incomes for families, generating jobs and growing the economy. 

Read more about Good Return’s programs creating real, measurable change.

Current market-building activity

The Foundations Impact Investing Group (FIIG) is bringing some of Australia’s largest philanthropic foundations together to share practice around impact investing. The FIIG will share practice around impact investing, as well as streamline the process for social enterprises and other for-purpose organisations seeking investment finance.

The Social Impact Investors Group (SIIG) exists to support foundations interested in starting or currently undertaking social impact investing. Members learn from each other and from more experienced foundations, allowing newcomers to build staff knowledge while reducing the costs of establishing a programme. 

Our social impact investing criteria 

Organisation headquarters

in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom or United States

Investment size

of $A500,000 or above, with an expected financial return


and metrics to demonstrate social impact


in employment and skilling sector, with a focus on young adults

If your project meets all of the above criteria, please contact us via the button below.

Grant making

Our global grant making is focused on breaking down barriers to employment. If your organisation is seeking grant funding visit our dedicated page to find out more.