Macquarie and Everbright enter joint venture to establish infrastructure investment funds focused on Greater China

19 August 2009

Macquarie Group Limited (Macquarie, ASX:MQG) and China Everbright Limited (Everbright, HKSE:165) today announced that they have entered into a joint venture to establish two funds to invest in infrastructure businesses in Greater China with a focus on core infrastructure.

The first fund will be open to non-PRC, non-retail investors targeting Greater China core infrastructure opportunities, primarily in the toll road, airport, renewable energy, water and wastewater, port and rail sectors. These sectors in China are classified as “encouraged” under “The Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment” published by the Ministry of Commerce and the National Development and Reform Commission, the key national regulators. The second fund will be a domestic investment vehicle admitting Renminbi investors and its establishment is subject to PRC law and approvals. It is proposed for the two funds to co-operate and invest alongside each other and have identical mandates. The funds will be managed by Macquarie and Everbright through jointly owned asset management companies.

“Greater China is one of the largest and most diverse markets in the world and the market continues to offer enormous and rapidly expanding infrastructure investment opportunities,” said Chen Shuang, Everbright’s Chief Executive Officer. “China has a long history of private and foreign sector investment in infrastructure, with well developed national policies promoting infrastructure investment to improve business efficiency and national wealth, whilst encouraging foreign capital and operating expertise. The large flow of foreign direct investment has resulted in $67 billion of foreign direct investment into the infrastructure and related sectors in China as at the end of 2007. The importance of private capital in Greater China is demonstrated in the nearly 60 listed infrastructure operators with a combined market capitalisation of over US$150 billion.”

The international and domestic funds are seeking to raise US$1.5 billion in aggregate, with each targeting a first close in 2010. Macquarie and Everbright have committed to jointly contribute up to US$100 million as sponsors of both funds.

Macquarie and Everbright bring a strong combination of local and international infrastructure asset and funds management expertise to the joint venture. Macquarie is one of the largest infrastructure fund managers globally,  with over 25 listed and unlisted funds managing over 100 infrastructure assets, with US$36 billion of infrastructure equity under management as of June 30, 2009.

Everbright is the Hong Kong listed subsidiary of the China Everbright Group, a Chinese state-owned enterprise and China’s first formally registered financial conglomerate. Everbright has been developing a wide range of investment funds management businesses in Hong Kong. Everbright is also the second largest shareholder of the Mainland-based Everbright Securities Co., Ltd., China’s ninth largest by brokerage market share in 2008, and the third largest shareholder of China Everbright Bank, China’s eleventh largest commercial bank by total assets as at December 31, 2008.

David Russell, Macquarie’s Head of Private Equity Asia and Greater China said: “The combination of Macquarie’s international infrastructure asset and funds management expertise and Everbright’s China experience and know-how will create a powerful investment partnership in China, especially in generating attractive investment opportunities. As a manager of infrastructure assets, we appreciate that governments, potential partners and vendors are attracted to managers with a history of responsible asset management and depth of expertise, together with an understanding and sensitivity to local issues.”

Mr Chen added: “Despite the global financial crisis, the IMF forecasts that the Chinese economy will continue to grow at 6 to 10 per cent per annum in the foreseeable future, and the rate of investment into infrastructure development is still believed to be amongst the highest in the world. We see many opportunities to bring international capital and asset management expertise to support this growth, to the benefit of investors and the country.”

“We are confident that Chinese infrastructure continues to offer attractive investment opportunities to both international and domestic investors and that our first mover advantage will contribute to our success,” Mr Russell said. He also emphasised that a key and unique feature of the funds and the Macquarie Everbright joint venture was the commitment to building a local business. “Particularly in Asia and our emerging market businesses, we are constantly reminded that key to the success of building sustainable, long term businesses is a commitment to being local. This requires a dedicated focus to the Greater China market, committing to employ and develop local staff, submitting to and abiding by Chinese laws and customs and treating Chinese government officials and businesses as long term partners.”


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About China Everbright Limited

China Everbright Limited (Everbright), with China Everbright Group as its parent company, is a diversified financial conglomerate operating in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Established in 1997, Everbright persistently pursues a “3+2 Macro Asset Management” strategy, focusing on direct investment, asset management and asset investment, whilst developing fee-based businesses including investment banking (corporate financing) and brokerage services (wealth management). Over the past decade Everbright has developed solid market bases in various sectors and provided diversified services for its clients. The company has set up several securities brokerage, wealth management branches in Hong Kong, and subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Beijing. Everbright is the second largest shareholder of the Mainland-based Everbright Securities Co., Ltd. and the third largest shareholder of China Everbright Bank.

By leveraging the substantial financial strength of the company itself, and the position and influence of its parent company and affiliated companies in the financial industry in China, Everbright has weaved huge social and business networks in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

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