Recruitment process

23 Oct 2017

Macquarie has a thorough recruitment process to ensure you are suited to the role and that Macquarie is the right match for you.


You can search for a job by:

  • job number
  • keyword search
  • employment type - permanent, part time, full time, contract or temporary
  • location
  • business group.

All applications must be submitted online and you can log in any time to track its status.


The interview process is a chance for us to talk you through the role and the opportunities it offers. We will discuss your skills, technical knowledge and suitability for the position. We are also keen to hear your questions and comments at this time.

Depending on the role, interviews may take place with a representative from Human Resources and/or the business group. The number and type of interviews may vary.

We’re always looking for people who share our drive for innovation, ideas and excellence.


Psychometric assessment is a part of our recruitment process. An assessment includes timed ability components (numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning) and an untimed personality questionnaire. The assessment is available in 31 languages.

None of these components require any study or prior knowledge but you can try some practice questions here.


We use employment screening to seek to ensure the quality and integrity of our hiring process and confirm your suitability for the role you are seeking.

Recruitment Fraud