Caravan or convoy of trucks in line on a country highway
Caravan or convoy of trucks in line on a country highway


Supporting the shift to smarter energy metering assets

We are one of the largest independent meter asset providers (MAP) of traditional and smart meters in the United Kingdom

Established in 2003 and supporting both growing and leading energy suppliers, we manage over 10 million meters and have provided over £1.4 billion of funding to assist Great Britain’s smart meter rollout

Explore how our competitive, low-risk solutions provide our clients with a high degree of reliability and certainty in an ever changing and challenging environment.

7.9m+ smart meters owned and managed

2.8m+ traditional meters owned and managed

Founding member of Community of Meter Asset Providers (CMAP)

4.7m+ meters processed via our in-house ISO accredited processing centre

Providing energy retailers with reliable meter asset provision services

Building on our decades of experience in utility infrastructure, as well as our financial and advisory expertise across Macquarie, we have developed reliable, sustainable, innovative and efficient meter asset provision solutions. 

We offer a range of solutions - from straightforward funding and asset management to end-to-end services, including installation solutions, asset hardware triage services and reverse supply chain management.

We have funding in place and a proven track record of executing contracts with our clients. With a range of sector leading partnerships in place across the supply chain, from meter manufactures to installers, we can offer turnkey solutions to our clients.

Explore our solutions

We fund electricity and gas meters for some of the UK’s largest and best-known energy companies.

Using our extensive experience, we listen to our client’s specific metering requirements to develop flexible and innovative bespoke solutions that provide the highest standards of service.

Since 2012, our meter asset processing services have included procurement, management and tracking, fault triage and warranty claim management. We offer our clients a complete turnkey logistics solution, driven by a sophisticated warehouse management system.

Our dedicated ISO accredited meter processing centre can receive, process and refurbish over a million meters and associated assets each year. Our team of specialised staff manage:

  • MPC triage and processing
  • Logistics (delivery & collection) in bound processing
  • Testing and visual inspection
  • Refurbishment and redeployment
  • Return to manufacturers
  • Oversight of asset scrapping and recycling
  • Full suite of bespoke dashboard reporting tracking assets to successful outcomes

Utilising our established logistics capabilities, we provide clients with the benefit of:

  • An expansive network: Leveraging an existing network of collections from industry parties
  • Robust logistics experience: Our logistics operation is professional and flexible with access to over 3,000 different sized vehicles on the transport exchange group

We are continuously improving our operation to maximise efficiency. Every meter is tracked through triage and testing against detailed operating procedures and accredited against ISO standards.

Our bespoke asset tracking system is equipped to manage the testing of SMETS meters and records the full analysis of every receipted meter, including a full visual assessment. All our meters are tracked throughout each stage of the process.

We can refurbish up to 5,000 meters each month and have an exceptional approach to refurbishment and hardware dispatch.

Remaining at the forefront of developments in SMET2 triage and redeployment, we are working with industry parties to progress the ability to provide remote triage and refurbishment of SMETS2 assets.

We work with major meter recyclers in the UK and have successfully recycled more than three million meters, with majority of materials being recycled.

Recycling capability is Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) registered and is audited regularly to ensure robust standards of compliance and good working procedures.

Through our in-house team of data specialists based in the UK, we monitor and track all assets and produce bespoke reporting for clients.

  • 26 million assets are currently managed through our cloud-based proprietary system
  • We process more than 12 million movements a year, including deliveries, installs, removals and change of energy retailer
  • Our data is fully validated against wider industry data sources

Promoting safe and industry accredited best practices

Using a UK-based team has allowed us to embed local and highly specialised knowledge of UK standards and specifications into our business. Senior members of the team are active members of industry bodies such as UKMF, CMAP and provide technical authority on:

  • Health and safety management
  • Management of technical issues
  • Quality and reliability management
  • Accreditation and standards management (ISO 14001 & 1800a and LRQA)
  • Regulatory frameworks driven by government policy and energy retailer licence conditions overseen by Ofgem. 

This ensures clients are given the confidence and certainty they need, in accordance with UK standards.  

All figures on this page are correct as at 31 March 2024.