Specialist expertise

Credit markets

Enabling our clients through innovative financing solutions

FIC Credit Markets brings extensive expertise to identify the unique needs of private and alternative credit market participants and deliver innovative financing solutions.

We provide highly customised liquidity solutions for the growing direct lending industry, warehouse financing for issuers of consumer and small business securitisations, and collateralised leverage facilities for alternative credit investors.

More than half of the top private credit funds globally

trust Macquarie for their credit settlement needs1

Fund Financier of the Year, Americas2

$US16 billion

of private and syndicated credit closed in FY243

Over $US1 billion

of consumer and small business loans financed in FY243

What we do

Corporate credit

We bring extensive experience in corporate credit analysis, trading, and financing to deliver funding solutions tailored to clients’ timelines and needs. See below to learn more about our award-winning, market-first Settlement Solutions product offering.

Our clients:

  • Private credit originators / Direct lenders
  • Liquid credit and leverage loan investors
  • Distressed and illiquid trade claim buyers and sellers


Portfolio solutions

We combine deep market expertise, asset-level analytics, and extensive structuring experience to help clients monetize, fund, and lever credit assets with various characteristics.

Our clients:

  • Whole loan buyers
  • Originators / Specialty finance companies


  • Financing facilities
  • Seasoning and aggregation solutions
  • Portfolio purchase
  • Strategic equity investment

Asset class expertise:

  • Consumer loans
  • Residential mortgages
  • Small business loans
  • Auto loans/powersports
  • Receivables

Settlement Solutions by Macquarie

Settlement Solutions is Macquarie’s innovative product for private credit investors to smooth cashflow timing mismatches and operational hurdles over a fund’s lifecycle. Settlement Solutions can be used alone or in conjunction with existing credit facilities or subscription lines, providing our clients with an alternative funding source in as little as one week.


Discover why our clients use Settlement Solutions 

No disruption to origination platform

High level of flexibility

Liquidity to close deals quickly

Fast and efficient documentation process

Enhance fund yields

Discover how our clients use Settlement Solutions

  • Early Stage Funds: Capital call bridges for new funds that have not yet closed a Subscription / Capital Call Facility
  • Mature / Late Stage Funds: Capital call bridges for late stage funds where the Subscription Line has expired or has no availability
  • SMAs: Capital call bridges for SMAs or funds that do not have a Subscription Line
  • Complex Allocations: Providing the client additional time to finalise allocations and call capital

Funding existing loan assets to generate proceeds and provide liquidity cushion for unfunded commitments

Funding a single or group of loan assets as a bridge to a longer term ABL financing facility

Funding loans that typically do not fit existing ABL facilities or have experienced a kick-out event such as due to size or industry concentration limits

Funding and warehousing new loan investments prior to a first equity close on a new fund / SMA

Bridge funding of loans that our client intends to syndicate / sell-down to co-lenders or LPs

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