LME Base Metals Summit 2018

Held on 8 October 2018, the summit connects representatives of the global metals community as part of London Metals Exchange Week.

Key takeaway from 2018

"A feature of this year’s global commodity markets is the collapse of metal prices. What is extraordinary about this event is that it has had nothing to do with fundamentals. It’s been about policies dominating the commodity markets. "

- Tom Price, Head of Commodities Strategy, Commodities and Global Markets

7th annual event

400+ attendees

220+ client companies

Fundamentals intact

Listen to Macquarie’s commodity and macro strategists talk about the economic issues and fundamental drivers affecting commodities markets in 2018 and their outlook for the year ahead.

Our metals expertise

Macquarie has been operating continuously in metals markets for more than 30 years, giving us one of the longest track records globally in this market for a financial institution.

We connect producers, consumers, investors and merchants, working with our clients to manage risk, finance operations and gain strategic insight into their businesses and the markets in which they operate.

With capabilities across the metals value chain, we deliver comprehensive financing and risk management solutions for our clients, including:

  • Market-leading technical and fundamental insights
  • Customised solutions encompassing physical product, derivatives and financing
  • Cross-commodity and cross-market structuring
  • Liquidity in both derivatives and physical markets
  • Tailored investment solutions through Commodity Investor Products
  • Financing capabilities for metals in port or in transit
  • Financing warehoused metal in cash and carry trades, third party stock and repo finance
  • Logistics services.


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Managing Director
Metals | Americas
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Senior Managing Director
Metals | Asia
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Nael Noueiri

Managing Director
Metals | EMEA
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