Charlotte Whiteley, Risk Management Group
Charlotte Whiteley, Risk Management Group

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Risk Management Group

The Risk Management Group is an independent and centralised function responsible for objective review and challenge, oversight, monitoring and reporting in relation to Macquarie’s material risks. The group designs and oversees the implementation of the risk management framework. Its divisions include Credit, Market Risk, Regulatory Affairs and Aggregate Risk, Financial Crime Risk, Compliance, Operational Risk, Behavioural Risk, Enterprise Support and Internal Audit. Working in our Risk Management Group, you could be:

  • assisting businesses with the definition and implementation of appropriate remediation actions, reviewing specific transactions, new products or businesses, identifying and escalating potential conflicts of interest and advising on the application of laws, regulations and policies
  • having exposure to the day-to-day relationships with Macquarie’s regulators, including regulatory enquiries
  • supporting senior management with timely and effective escalation and reporting of significant compliance risk issues
  • involved in the deal approval process and summarising key issues across all areas to present to senior Macquarie management
  • gaining exposure to capital markets, funds, retail banking businesses and the central service function
  • monitoring daily risk exposures for trading desks and reporting to senior management.

Programme locations


Graduate programme

1 year, allocated to a team from August

Internship programme

Allocated to a team from June to August

Group highlights

Responsible for the management of financial risks on our balance sheet, as well as associated off-balance sheet risks

Management of critical non-financial risks spanning operational, compliance and conduct as well as managing interactions with 200+ regulators globally

Monitoring and planning for a broad range of emerging risks including environmental, cyber and geopolitical

Supporting a strong risk culture across Macquarie

Opportunities in the Risk Management Group

We currently have the following opportunities within our business:

Internship opportunities

As part of one of the financial risk management divisions, you will be responsible for assessing the risk of loss on trading and non-trading activities that could have meaningful impact on the profitability of Macquarie. You’ll identify and monitor a wide range of risks across both new and existing business activities, working with the relevant business to implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies. You’ll present your analysis through detailed reports and discussions with senior members of the risk.

You will develop a broad understanding of the various industries, markets, sectors and products that Macquarie is involved in and build the skills to know how these risks can be managed.

As a summer Intern, you will work across a range of compliance areas including assisting with risk reporting to keep management informed of the operation and progress of compliance efforts; monitoring for regulatory change, and analysing and communicating the impact of change; and assisting with risk-based reviews and monitoring, in line with regulatory obligations and internal policies and procedures.

Graduate opportunities

Market Risk

As a Graduate, you’ll write quality, insightful and detailed reports which assess the risk Macquarie faces across its business activities. You’ll communicate this analysis to senior members of the risk team. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills with on-the-job training and will gain a broad understanding of the various industries, markets, sectors and products that Macquarie is involved in and how we manage the associated risks.

Meet some of our Graduates

Charlotte Whiteley – Risk Management Group, Compliance

“Starting my career at Macquarie, particularly in the Risk Management Group, has given me a wider view across the Macquarie spectrum than I thought possible. Compliance rotations have allowed me to gain insights not only into the Central Compliance functions, including combatting financial crime but also working alongside a variety of businesses from infrastructure funds to trading floors.

Whether it be training people on preventing market abuse, advising on launch documents for a new fund or assigning a risk rating to new clients, the high level of responsibility and variety that Macquarie has provided to me, even as a graduate, will put me in great stead for the rest of my career.” 

Mel Liao – Risk Management Group

When Mel Liao was deciding where to begin her career, global mobility was an important factor. She started a risk analysis role in Macquarie’s Sydney headquarters and now, working from London, she enjoys the exposure to a new market.

Jane Zou – Risk Management Group

“I’ve worked on projects alongside senior executives and co-chaired the Graduate Volunteer Network, which raised more than $300,000 for charity.”

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