Macquarie Asia Equity Research

Macquarie's Asia Equity Research team delivers insights, analysis and thought leadership for our institutional clients. Uniquely positioned as one of Asia’s most experienced research houses, our dedicated team covers more than 800 stocks across the region.

The team focusses on disruptive innovation across a broad range of industries from consumer and healthcare to technology and the transition to green energy. Our proprietary data sets and analysis help our clients with their investment processes to generate alpha.

11 markets

On-the-ground insights on strong thematic verticals

800+ stocks1

Differentiated coverage on 800-plus stocks across Asia

80+ analysts

Providing specialist coverage of 11 key sectors

Our D.E.L.T.A.H Strategy

Digital transformation

  • Fintech
  • Disruptive
  • Software
  • AI
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Online Media
  • Cloud

Energy transition

  • O&G
  • Hydrogen
  • Renewables
  • Energy Storage
  • Climate risk & insurance


  • Education and EdTech
  • Luxury
  • Athleisure
  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Retail
  • Travel/tourism


  • Semis
  • Memory
  • Components
  • Upstream Chemicals and Materials
  • Datacenters

Automation & mobility

  • Autos
  • EV
  • ADAS
  • Robotics
  • Lasers


  • Biotech
  • Pharma
  • Med devices
  • Hospitals
  • Digital health

DELTAH China Conference 2023

Macquarie's Equity Research Asia team’s biggest annual conference in Asia will be held on 9-10 May in Island Shangri-La Hotel Hong Kong. The conference will explore what China will look like as it steps out from the constraints of COVID, the current economic and political cycles.

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Our thematic insights

Macquarie Insights is an industry leading research portal covering a full range of sectors and markets.

Access to these reports is restricted to clients of Macquarie.

China: The Re-opening Trajectory - Expect an acceleration into 2H23

China’s macro backdrop supports an economic acceleration into 2H23. Our on-the-ground view from China suggests optimism. We expect high-single-digit increases in both consumption and GDP in 3Q23-1Q24, supported by a combination of excess household savings, targeted stimuli, and liquidity.

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EV charging “powering up” - A multi-year infrastructure opportunity

We look at the crucial role of EV charging infrastructure in energy transition. Macquarie expects cumulative global infrastructure spend to top US$97b this year and reach US$349b in 2030. For charge point operators, we estimate an annual opportunity of US$6b globally in 2022 to US$166b in 2030. Aggregate sales from equipment and operations for 2023-30E exceed US$800b.

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Global policy chaos – should investors revisit Japan?

Amidst the chaos, panic and uncertainty, there is one country which is still exhibiting some degree of consistency – Japan. Kennedy School has consistently rated Japan as the world’s most complex economy and the country’s unique offering is difficult to replicate. As the global and US economies slow down, Japan’s monetary and economic policies remain more stable than almost anywhere in the world. What to buy?

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Asia in 2023 - The key themes to drive performance

Under the D.E.L.T.A.H framework, the Equities Research Asian team has identified the most impactful investment themes into 2023 such as the supply-chain disruption, energy security, inflation receding, China re-opening turbulence, Japan pulling ahead, and more. The report “Asia in 2023 - The key themes to drive performance” presents a comprehensive view to the latest debating ideas, refined and filtered insights of Macquarie’s Asia regional research team.

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Digital wallets are upgrading to full banks driving investment

ASEAN has a lot of appeal for new digital financial services. With more than 70% of ASEAN’s population now online, the movement of wallet providers into banks to expand services beyond payments is a natural progression in their path to set up viable and saleable businesses in the region.

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Our perspectives

"The next 5-10 years will see large sustained investments in technology and chipmaking capacity, aimed at enabling broad-based diffusion of advanced data processing from the network edge, to the cloud. We expect significant innovation activity to be directed at discovering, and exploiting at scale, the business opportunities enabled by the flood of data from sensors and online activity.” 

Damian Thong, Division Director
Senior Research Analyst

"As sustainable finance continues to mature into a core element of the financial services industry in Asia, investors need to be ahead of the curve when using ESG data to properly assess earnings risks and opportunities."

Charles Yonts
Sector Lead for Asia ESG

"China consumption is showing divergent trend with ultra-luxury gaining momentum post relaxation of city lockdowns, while mass market is seeing consumption trade down. We remain cautious on the consumer sector but look for a buying opportunity to emerge after cost pressures ease and investors recalibrate their expectations."

Linda Huang
Sector Lead for Consumer & Education

Our people

"Macquarie Asia Equity Research aims to be a trusted partner to our clients, sifting through the noise to identify the cutting-edge thematics that are constantly redefining the markets, industries and economies of the incredibly dynamic Asia region.
Our approach is relentlessly bottom up, with a team of more than 80 analysts on the ground, stretching from Japan to India across 11 offices and covering over 800 stocks. Our strategy is to uncover disruptive innovation and the consequent potential to capture alpha.
From the re-invention of mobility, finance and retail, to the rapid impact of ESG on markets, to geo-political evolution, our analysts are thought leaders for the market."

Jake Lynch
Head of Research, Asia

Sector leaders

Damian Thong

Jayden Vantarakis
Financials & ASEAN Coverage

Charles Yonts
Asia ESG

Esme Pau
Internet & Digital Assets 

John Conomos
APAC Quant

Nicolas Baratte
Technology & Telecom

Albert Miao  
Energy & Materials

Linda Huang
Consumer & Education

Aditya Suresh & Albert Miao

Viktor Shvets
Global Equity Strategy

1. As of 31 March 2021