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Lam Research EOS


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Asset ID: 79171

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Lam Research


Single Wafer Processing

Etch/Clean - Wet Processing

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2014-01-01

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available


Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

Process: SWC_300HF Processes

Sending Site Workstation Name: SWC_300HF_EOS

Software Version (include revision #): 1.84-SP9-SC8-HF6-Release

System Power Rating: 208AC 3-phase for System

Chm/Unit Position  1: process chamber- 300:1DHF, DICO2, N2, IPA

Chm/Unit Position  2: cabinet- IPA, 300:1DHF, CDA, N2, DICO2, DIW

Chm/Unit Position  3: DICO2 module- CO2, DIW, CDA

Chm/Unit Position  4: Chiller- PCW, DHF

Base System

Front End Robot.: Vortex

Process Robot: Vortex Qty 2

Host Controller: Host Interface

Product Type: EOS GS L

Wafer Mapping capability: E84 Parallel I/O Sensors

System software

PC Version: OUI software

Main Controller: System software

Host Controller: Host Software

FOUP Station

FOUP: 300mm FOUP

Load Port: Number of FOUP

Process Module 1-16: Lam

ACID Cabinet ICDS1: (80 liters on EOS),DHF,20L for 100:1 HF (80 liters on EOS)

ACID Cabinet ICDS2: (80 liters on EOS) ,5L for IPA Yes

ACID Cabinet ICDS3: (80 liters on EOS),DHF,20L for 100:1 HF Heat Exchanger

ACID Cabinet ICDS4: (80 liters on EOS) ,5L for IPA 

Exhaust Control: Acid Exhaust 

DIW System: From Tool Main Frame ,Dispense 4 DIW 

Gas System: From Tool Main Frame, N2 

Gas System: From Tool Main Frame, CDA 

Process Module 1-16: Acid Exhaust line Yes

Process Module 1-16: Alkali Exhaust line Yes

"Fire Extinguisher: Required for IPA

 dry(set)繹寶 "

DICO2 module: mixing DIW and CO2 

Chiller: PCW to control chemical timperature 

CCTV box: local 

Cooling system: Cooling DHF system 

Safety Precautions: LOTO Independent lockout device for each chemical and gas line for maintenance

Facilities: Chemical Line Connection Rear Bottom (C.S.S.)

Facilities: Electrical Supply Option for transformer(208 to 400V).

N2 Load Port Exists: No

Chemical Mixing and Supply

Supply line

Line 1: DHF

Line 2: IPA

Line 3: SC1

Setting Ratio: MML mixing

DHF: 1:300/1:100

IPA: recipe set


Flow rates

DHF: 2000ml/min ,1500 ml/min (needle valve controlled)

DI: 1500 ml/min(needle valve controlled)

IPA: 100~145 ml/min

Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Dry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales

Product images

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