Rate of foreign currencies on the scoreboard
Rate of foreign currencies on the scoreboard

Specialist expertise


24-hour service and strong deal execution

We have been a leading provider of foreign exchange transactional services for more than 30 years, providing seamless client coverage over spot and FX derivatives in all the major currency pairs.

We provide risk management services and structured products to corporate, institutional and government clients globally, supported by market-leading technical and fundamental analysis.

Our services

  • 24-hour price making in all FX-based instruments and derivatives, structured FX solutions and investor products
  • Tailored solutions to suit risk profiles and foreign exchange exposures
  • Hedging facilities for offshore assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses
  • Margin FX and collateralised facilities
  • Technical and fundamental market analysis
  • Specialist trading platforms.

Global coverage across G10, Asian and emerging markets