Macquarie Group Foundation 2023 Annual Review

Special philanthropic funds

Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award

Since 2019, the Foundation has been supporting the five Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award winners, each of whom have been awarded $A10 million over five years. All these remarkable organisations have continued to make exciting progress toward the bold social impact projects that the Awards set out to address. 

Last Mile Health

Saving lives in the world's most remote communities

Monash University's World Mosquito Program

Protecting vulnerable communities from mosquito-borne diseases

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute World Scabies Program

Taking action to eliminate scabies across the world

Social Finance

Mobilising capital to drive social progress

The Ocean Cleanup

Developing advanced technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic

In the past year we spotlighted the work of both Social Finance and Last Mile Health - listen to and watch their stories below.  

Social Finance 

In FY2023, the UP Fund launched its sixth investment; the first healthcare Career Impact Bond with Clinical Research Fastrack.

In partnership with the State of New Jersey and CEOs from leading companies, Social Finance launched the first Pay It Forward program in the US, initially focused on education and training for nursing, cybersecurity and HVAC/welding careers.

In this video, Stephanie shares how participating in a diesel technician training program supported by Social Finance helped her launch a promising career that provides for her and her son.

Last Mile Health

In FY2023, in Malawi, where Macquarie catalysed Last Mile Health’s work, the organisation assisted the Government to develop the second National Community Health Framework, which will ensure the program delivers essential primary health services to every person – no matter where they live. Last Mile Health also participated in the design and pilot of an integrated Community Health Information System that provides robust decision-support and data collection capabilities for frontline health workers.

In Ethiopia, Last Mile Health showcased the cost-effective, timely and engaging results from the innovative blended training model, which incorporates digital training tools and holds the potential to improve training for up to 40,000 Community Health Workers.

In Liberia, Last Mile Health continues to partner with the Government to scale the Community Health Worker program. In March 2023 the organisation assisted the Ministry of Health in hosting the third Annual international Symposium on Community Health Workers and signed on to the Monrovia Call to Action.

In this video, hear from Dalitso Baloyi, Country Director, Malawi for Last Mile Health as he talks about the organisation’s mission to expand access to high-quality, primary healthcare for remote communities across Africa.

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In FY2023, the World Mosquito Program (WMP) commenced operations in Laos, Honduras and El Salvador, and undertook preliminary discussions with the Timor-Leste Government around establishing a WMP presence there. WMP also scaled up mosquito releases in Cali, Colombia, supported by active community participation.
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In FY2023, the World Scabies Program rolled out a mass drug administration program, helping protect millions of people across Fiji and the Solomon Islands from scabies.
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In FY2023, The Ocean Cleanup conducted eight trips into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, removing 153,000 kilos of plastic from the ocean. This year also started the phased scale-up of ocean System 002 to System 03 – a larger system capable of collecting much greater volumes of plastic.

New Interceptor deployments or trials were launched in Guatemala and Jamaica; across the seven countries where the Interceptors are in place (with more deployments scheduled for late 2023), which prevented more than 1,800 megatonnes of trash from reaching the ocean. The Ocean Cleanup also sold out their stock of The Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses – made with plastic extracted directly from the GPGP and raising sufficient funds to clean up over 500,000 football fields’ worth of ocean.

Support from our people 

Many Macquarie employees continue to volunteer their time on the Macquarie 50th Award Ambassador Networks, which provide additional support to the five winners through awareness, fundraising and organisational capacity building. 

Pictured: Shawn Lytle, Macquarie’s Head of the Americas, Global Head of Public Investments for Macquarie Asset Management and Macquarie Group Foundation Committee member (first from right), Pritha Mittal, Macquarie Group Foundation (middle), Rosa Villalobos, Macquarie Staff Ambassador Network (first from right) and members of the Social Finance team at a fundraising event.

The Foundation team continue to conduct site visits to all five organisations to provide further support, make connections and better understand how our ambassador networks can direct their efforts. 

Pictured: Rachel Engel, Macquarie Group Foundation (first from left), with colleagues from Last Mile Health.