Supporting the transition towards smarter waste and clean technology solutions

Advancing the waste and clean technology industry and helping close the loop

We maintain that the transition from a traditional linear “take-make-waste” economy to a circular “reduce-reuse-recycle” (3R) economy requires all industries and communities to play a role. A fundamental requirement to achieve this transition is the development of smarter technology-based waste collection, reduction, reuse and recovery solutions that ‘close the loop’ in minimizing the creation of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions.

We support clients facing substantial up-front costs to deploy the latest innovative water, wastewater, and waste processing and resource recovery technologies through capital-to-operating expenditure conversion.

Leveraging our balance sheet alongside a diverse set of global funding providers, together with Macquarie’s trading and risk management products, we enable our clients to accelerate their adoption of emerging technologies while limiting commodity price and offtake volatility.

Our focus

Our Sustainable Waste Solutions team provide solutions to water, wastewater, and waste service providers, municipalities, governments, industrial companies and landfill operators in the following areas:


Capital and financing, trading, hedging, physical offtake and supply, and market coverage


Capturing incremental value streams created by innovative and disruptive innovations such as the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) and sensor-equipped technologies in waste processing, biosolids, anaerobic digestion and biofuels

Fleet electrification

‘All-in’ leasing solutions that include battery and hydrogen-electric vehicles, charging and fuelling infrastructure, servicing and maintenance, as well as residual asset risk transfer for a single monthly payment

Hedging and risk management

Risk management products such as physical and financial hedges that solve for commodity offtake pricing volatility in the plastics and pulp and paper segments

Energy from Waste (EfW) / Waste-to-Energy (WtE)

Offering structured finance solutions for energy generation assets, including waste to electricity, biomass or gas to liquids (GtL) and their supporting infrastructure

Waste-to-Value (WtV)

Working with waste management & materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and/or organic waste disposal companies to take advantage of market dislocations and provide a route-to-scale

Water and Wastewater treatment

Supporting the transition to smarter waste reduction and recovery technologies such as electrochemical treatment vessels, electrode power connectors and desalination units

Our outcome-based approach

A complete and unique alternative to traditional corporate debt 

We understand that a more customised end-to-end financing and asset management solution is required to realise and capture the value that the circular economy presents to early movers.

We look beyond providing clients with traditional debt financing options and focus solely on achieving our clients’ goals of:

  • Accelerating the uptake and deployment of emerging waste technology
  • Minimising, transferring or sharing in the total costs of ownership and risks associated with technology adoption
  • Achieving cash flow certainty through fixed-price offtake arrangements and revenue sharing mechanisms
  • Managing downstream commodity price risk
  • Leveraging concessional funding to enhance project economics 

Understanding your strategic objectives

We work with emerging clean technology companies, waste service providers, municipal, government and corporate clients, to design and execute scalable solutions which support their strategic objectives, improve operating margins and capture new value from waste streams.

Working closely with our clients, we seek to understand our clients’ strategic objectives before tailoring solutions to meet those needs.

Step 1

Explore opportunities

Step 2

Data-led analysis

Step 3

Expert engagement and opportunity validation

Step 4

Execution and delivery of a customised solution

Our solutions can be tailored to include any of the following capabilities:

  • growth equity and debt capital to accelerate scaling, and the adoption and deployment of new technologies
  • asset financing for waste collection, separation and processing equipment
  • government agency and international export credit agency collaboration to access concessional funding pools
  • development finance to support larger scale waste projects
  • complete value chain solutions to isolate the net revenues of specific waste streams, addressing projecting development, financing, asset residual value risk, operations and maintenance, and offtake considerations.

Our broader energy experience

At Macquarie, we take a holistic view of the transition to a greener economy. Our Macquarie Energy, Renewables and Sustainability team leverages both regional energy expertise and the global experience from across North America, Asia and Australia.