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Nordson Asymtek S920N

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Nordson Asymtek


Adhesive Dispenser

Fluid Dispensing

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: N/A

Current Equipment Status: Available

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Location of Equipment: Taichung City, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

The scalable Spectrum II series is ideal for highvolume production of advanced dispensing processes, including underfill, cavity fill, die attach, and encapsulation.

Features and Configurations

Additional Optional Features and Configurations

CpH™ - Controlled Process Substrate Heat

Dual-action dispensing (two applicators operate independently)

Exterior bulk fluid reservoir: 600 cc (20 oz), includes remote feed and fluid level sensor

Hot plate, process development (batch processing)

Low fluid sensor, magnetic or capacitive

Cleanroom compatibility

Monocle™ Vision Package (MVP) for increased contrast, field of view, and vision resolution

SECS/GEM interface

Ventilation Interlocking for Volatile Organic Compound dispensing (e.g. flux or primer)

Key System Specifications

Motion System

Z repeatability (1): ±15 µm (0.0006 in.), 3 sigma

X-Y repeatability (1): ±15 µm (0.0006 in.), 3 sigma

X-Y acceleration: 1 g peak

X-Y velocity: 1 m/s peak (40 in./s)

X-Y-Z encoder resolution: 1 µm

Wet Dispensing Accuracy & Repeatability

Single Applicator:

Cp ≥ 1.0: ±35 µm (0.0016 in.)

Cpk ≥ 1.0(1): ±40 µm (0.0016 in.)

Z-Gap Performance

Z-Gap Repeatability (2): ±15 µm (0.0006 in.), 3 sigma

Minimum Z-Gap Capability: 50 µm (0.002 in.)

Dispense Area (X-Y) 339 x 410 mm (13.3 x 16.1 in.)


Min. board/carrier width (3): 34 mm (1.3 in.)

Max. board/carrier thickness: 12 mm (0.5 in.)

Max. board/carrier length: One station: 340 mm (13.4 in.) Three stations: 320 mm (12.6 in.)

Min. board/carrier length: 25 mm (1.0 in.)

Max. board/carrier width: Single lane: 535 mm (21.1 in.) Dual lane: up to 228 mm (9.0 in.) (configuration dependent)

System footprint: Single heat station: 600 mm wide x 1321 mm deep (23.6 x 52.0 in.) Two heat stations: 850 x 1321 mm (33.5x52.0 in.) Three heat stations: 1100 x 1321 mm (43.3x52.0 in.)

Air supply: Two air supplies: one with 3 CFM @ 100 psi for contact tooling, a second one with 1 CFM @ 100 psi for the rest of the system (100 psi = 689 kPa, 6.8 atm) Power (mains):

Power supply accommodates 200-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz single phase, 30 A

System weight (4): 377-422 kg (830-930 lbs.)

(1) Wet dispense Cpk is tested against Nordson ASYMTEK standard sealant line path accuracy test method

(2) Z-gap repeatability is tested with Nordson ASYMTEK standardwhite ceramic, performance with other substrates may vary

(3) Contact factory regarding smaller boards/carriers

(4) System weight varies depending on configuration

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