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Hitachi (Semiconductor) CG5000

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Hitachi (Semiconductor)



Metrology Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: May-2014

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Location of Equipment: Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of

Available date: 10/13/2021

1.  CG5000 (3PORT,300mm Wafer Use, AC208V/60Hz)

1.  Main Unit

2.  Mini-Environment transfer system

3.  New Type C to C Auto-Loader with Load/Lock System

4.  E-chuck Stage System

5.  Display Unit

6.  Power Supply Unit

7.  Water Circulator with power cable and pipe

8.  Optical Microscope (x110, x220)

9.  Ion pump back-up Power supply unit

10.  SE-Gun Back-up Power supply unit

11.  Power cable (I5M:Main<->PS)

12.  Electrified Sample Correction (SPM)

13.  Auto calibration system by using stub pattern

14.  Multi-Point/Gap/Corner Radious measurement function

15.  Image filing function

16.  Recipe Queue

17.  ArF Package software

2.  Std. Accessories(Hardware) 

1.  3* TDK FOUP Opener (including RFID) 

2.  Dry Pump Interface for Boc Edwards iGXl00 

3.  Signal Light Tower

4.  Light Curtain 

5.  X, Y Dual Microscale 

6.  Energy filter 

7.  Ioniser 

3.  Std. Accessories(Software) 

1.  New Edge Roughness Measurement 

2.  DS/T-PC Link Connection License

3.  Line Width roughness analysis function

4.  Flat scan function 

5.  Maximum Mag.To 500K

6.  GEM Communication I/F 

7.  HSMS Communication I/F 

8.  GEM 300 / HSMS /SECS

9.  SECS Communication I/F

10.  CD Data Transfer at CG5000 (um->nm)

11.  Measurement Image Upload function (using FTP)

12.  FDC function

13.  Lowest Vacc 200V modification

14.  Highest Vacc 5000V modification

15.  Flexible scan function

16.  Self alignment double pattern measurement function

17.  Template generator function

4.  Shield cover for CG5000


The following items are NOT included.

• HARC observation function (Pre-Dose,Optics modification)

• KRF Defect review Network 1/F

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