Array of solar panels on a roof
Array of solar panels on a roof


Making the switch to renewable energy

Helping government bodies to reduce their energy costs.

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Sector Energy
Sub-sector Renewables
Location Australia


A municipal shire council built and managed a recreation and leisure centre which incurred significant electricity costs.

They wished to install solar energy to reduce their energy costs. However, this involved a large upfront expense.


We provided the council with a competitive financing solution to cover the cost of all solar equipment and installation costs.

Our structure also entitled them to claim energy rebate certificates from the government, reducing the overall financing requirement.


We developed a customised funding solution that significantly reduced energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The case studies and examples provided on this page are based on actual de-identified client circumstances. They have been included for illustrative purposes only, without taking into account any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs.

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