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Macquarie Group Foundation deploys $A20 million COVID-19 donation fund

Sydney, 24 September 2021

The Macquarie Group Foundation today announced it has fully allocated the $A20 million it earmarked in April 2020 to support a select number of non-profit organisations working to combat COVID-19 and provide relief to affected communities.

Through a total of 43 grants, the Macquarie Group Foundation has now allocated $A20 million to 40 community organisations around the world:

  • $A7.35 million across 29 organisations in support of direct relief efforts;
  • $A2 million to two Australian medical research projects; and
  • $A10.65 million to 12 organisations focused on supporting workers and businesses in restarting economic activity.

The Foundation recognises in times of crisis that immediate relief to communities is vital, while at the same time, the impact of disasters can last for years. As a result, it took the approach of allocating funding focused on supporting emergency relief efforts; investing in medical research; and supporting economic recovery to communities targeting medium- and long-term outcomes.

Macquarie Group Foundation Chair, Mary Reemst, said: “The COVID-19 donation fund grantees have played a significant role in addressing critical direct relief efforts, driving important research, and supporting economic recovery around the world. These grantees serve communities and groups disproportionately affected by COVID-19 including women, migrants and underserved communities, across the regions in which Macquarie operates.”

Find out more about Macquarie’s response to COVID-19 here.

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