Social house rules


We'd love to hear from you, particularly if you have feedback to share.

We have a few rules in place for comments within our social communities, which are there to protect you and other users:

  • for your own protection you should never include any personal information in a social media post, like your account number, your PIN, transaction details, account balances etc.We'll never ask for your personal details on social, so if someone asks you for these, they aren't doing it for us and we recommend you report it to us using the details below.
  • as you'd expect, we won't tolerate trolling or obscenities in our communities. If a post is inappropriate we'll remove it.
  • sometimes posts are too great not to share. So by posting in our social media communities, you're agreeing that we can use your post in any way, without any payment or legal obligation to you.

An easy and confidential way to give us feedback is to use the “feedback” button on our banking website (you'll see it after you log in) – your comments will go straight to our service team. The “feedback button” will soon be available on our banking app too.

If you'd like help with a problem or need a response, please contact us one of these ways: