Potential growth with protection at maturity

What Macquarie Step offers

Broad range

Choose from Australian and overseas reference assets


100% protection of your investment amount at maturity

Low maintenance

No ongoing management fees, no borrowing

Specifically designed for cash-weighted portfolios looking for diversification.

Use your own capital to benefit from any sharemarket gains.

Take advantage of potential market gains while protecting your capital at maturity.*

* Capital protection only applies at maturity and is subject to Macquarie Bank being able to perform its obligations under the terms and conditions. It does not apply in the case of an Early Withdrawal, or Early Termination of the investment. Please refer to the relevant Series Term Sheet for the protection percentage for a particular Series.

The potential to select from capped or uncapped exposures.

As with any investment, there are risks associated with Macquarie Step, including:

  • Performance risk: The value of any reference assets you choose may go down by a material amount, even over a short period of time.
  • Counterparty risk: As an unsecured creditor, you may not receive some or all of the money we owe you if we fail to meet our obligations, for example if Macquarie is insolvent.
  • Early termination risk: Your investment may be terminated early by Macquarie in certain circumstances. If this happens, you may receive less than your initial investment amount back.

About Macquarie Step

Macquarie Step is an investment which provides indirect exposure to the Australian and international sharemarkets.

Macquarie Step is designed for investors with a portfolio heavily weighted towards cash investments, who are looking for diversification and the potential to receive improved returns.

Product documents

There is no current offer to invest in Macquarie Step. When an offer is available, the Product Disclosure Statement will be available here.

Please contact your financial adviser for more information about Macquarie Step.

Who may Macquarie Step be suitable for?

  • Investors who want to invest using their own capital.
  • Investors who have earmarked cash for investment in equity markets and are waiting for the right time to move.
  • Investors who remain cautious about the sharemarket but are concerned their portfolio is under-diversified.
Performance information

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