Tailored exposures

What Macquarie Customised Market Investments offers


Choose the structures and terms that suit you

Domestic and international exposures

Link your returns to local or global investment opportunities


Option to borrow up to 100% of the investment amount

Tailor your investment term, choose from geared or ungeared exposures and tailor your level of loan protection.

Select from a broad range of assets, including domestic and international indices and shares, and listed or unlisted managed funds.

Choose a level of exposure and loan principal protection to complement your overall investment strategy.

May suit experienced investors, including high net worth individuals and wholesale clients.

As with any investment, there are risks associated with Macquarie CMI. These may include:

  • Performance risk: The value of any assets you choose to link your investment to may go down by a material amount, even over a short period of time.
  • Borrowing to invest: Leverage can magnify gains and losses on an investment.
  • Breakeven risk: To make a profit on your investment, the total value of any returns from the reference asset and any distributions throughout the term of your investment will need to exceed the total interest payments and other costs (including break costs if any).
  • Early termination risk: Macquarie may terminate your Macquarie CMI investment early in certain circumstances or you may choose to terminate your investment early. In these circumstances, you may need to pay any break costs, interest charges, fees and other costs that may apply (which may be substantial). Additionally, if your investment has the benefit of loan principal protection at maturity, it will not apply if either you or Macquarie terminate the investment early.
  • Insolvency risk: If Macquarie fails to perform its obligations, for example if it becomes insolvent, you may not receive a payment you are entitled to receive.

About Macquarie Customised Market Investments (CMI)

What is Macquarie CMI?

Macquarie CMI is a tailored facility that lets wholesale and high net worth investors customise their investment and link their return to a wide range of asset classes and market sectors.

Choice and flexibility

Investors can choose:

  • which underlying assets they link their return to
  • how much they would like to be exposed to movements in those assets
  • their level of loan principal protection
  • how they structure the pay-off of their assets
  • the degree of leverage, if any
  • which type of coupon structure to use, if any, e.g. regular or contingent coupons
  • their investment term, and
  • their legal structure.

Performance information

Indicative valuation

The following performance information is for existing investors in the Series of Macquarie Customised Market Investment (CMI) referred to below.

This information is subject to change without notice and is indicative only. Neither Macquarie Financial Products Management Limited nor Macquarie Bank Limited is bound by the figures set out below and is not liable to cover any difference between the indicative valuation and any amounts payable on withdrawal/redemption. Therefore, this information is not a quote or a withdrawal/redemption price, nor does it represent a formal net asset value for the Series of Macquarie CMI referred to below. Furthermore, amounts payable on withdrawal/redemption will be subject to any loan repayment obligation (including any Interest Loan) and break costs as set out in the relevant offer document and loan agreement. An investment in these Series of Macquarie CMI referred to below is designed to be held until maturity.

The indicative valuations below may be materially different to the actual prices realised on withdrawal of an investment in the Series of Macquarie CMI referred to below. This is because the indicative valuations are based on estimated (or theoretical) values of the underlying components of the investment and not the actual value of these components at the time of withdrawal.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Indicative valuation as at 31 May 2017

SeriesReference AssetReference Asset start valueReference Asset value as at valuation dateReference Asset return since start dateInitial FX rateFX rate as at valuation dateCurrent indicative unit value
BA EURO STOXX 50 Index (denominated in EUR) 3258.71 3554.59 9.1% 1.452011 1.511080 1.1983


The performance of the Reference Asset may not match the performance of an investment in a Series before or at maturity.

Where applicable, the unit value net return takes into account movements in foreign exchange rates since the relevant issue date of your investment. The unit value does not include distributions paid (if any).

Product documents

For more information about Macquarie CMI please contact us or your financial adviser.

Who may Macquarie CMI be suitable for?

  • Sophisticated investors
  • Wholesale investors
  • Investors who want to customise their exposure to domestic or international assets.

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