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About SMSF investment solutions

Self managed super fund investors may seek innovative investment solutions that provide them with control, flexibility and choice to make the most of their retirement savings.

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About loan principal protection investment solutions

Borrowing to invest in shares or managed funds can be risky. If the shares or managed funds fall in value, you may have to repay the loan from your own funds.

One way of managing this risk is to use a loan that offers the benefit of loan principal protection.

Typically, with these types of loans, you will have the benefit of knowing that even if the underlying investments fall in value, while you have to pay interest on the loan, you won't have to repay a set percentage of the loan (often 100%) from your own funds at maturity. This may be particularly beneficial where markets have become volatile or have fallen in value during the course of your loan.

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About leveraged investment solutions

Just as a lever allows you to increase your potential force, leveraged investing through the use of borrowed funds can increase your potential gains (and losses).

If you have a view about an investment, leverage allows you to borrow to invest more than you otherwise could and potentially enhance your profits (although you will need to take into account the costs of leverage).

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