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Available Investment Products

Australian shares, Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs), mFunds and warrants

Cash and Loan Account Integration

Integrated with the Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA) with a choice of an optional margin loan

Mobile Trading

Monitor the market and trade on-the-go with your smart phone or tablet

Online trades start at $19.95 or 0.12% of the value of the trade, whichever is greater.

View your balance, place trades quickly and settle directly to your integrated Macquarie Cash Management Account.

This integration ensures that when a trade is placed your available cash balance is automatically checked in real-time, reducing incidences of settlement failure.

Set-up SMS and email alerts, end-of-day watchlist and portfolio email reports.

Access detailed reporting for you, your accountant or your adviser.

Fund your trading from a margin loan in real time.

One simple online application for both Macquarie Online Trading and the Macquarie Cash Management Account. You can also link a new trading account to your existing Macquarie Cash Management Account.

Get the latest company information from Morningstar and the latest news from Dow Jones.

Choose from a range of market data packages – from live streaming, click to refresh or 20-minute delayed – to help you efficiently manage your portfolio online.

Market data packages

Market data package cost Free $10
Up to $222 
ASX quotes 20-minute delayed Live Streaming Streaming
Market depth and detail 20-minute delayed Live Streaming Streaming
Watchlists 20-minute delayed Live Streaming Streaming
News and company announcements Live Live Streaming Streaming
Charting 20-minute delayed Live Live Advanced content, real-time
After-market email watchlists and portfolio update        
SMS and email alerts        
Consensus research reports        
Global market indices        
Company data (dividends, corporate actions and profiles)        
Cost per trade

Online: $19.95 or 0.12% of the value of the trade (whichever is greater)

Phone: $49.95 or 0.30% of the value of the trade (whichever is greater)


1 Click to refresh prices and market data.

2 $22 charged up front, accrued at 6.6 cents per minute and the unused portion is refunded after month end.

Ready to start trading?

Whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned trader, our platform lets you manage your investments on the go.

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