Seeking exposure to high quality, high growth global companies

What the Walter Scott Global Equity Fund offers

Quality global exposure

Seeking high quality global companies with strong growth characteristics

Conservative investment approach

Access Walter Scott’s conservative, team-based approach

Defensive investing

Potential for high returns over a full market cycle, with lower risk than the benchmark

Invest in companies with long-term growth potential.

Portfolio of strong growth companies capable of generating long-term wealth.

Potential for long-term compound returns with less volatility than the benchmark.

Access international markets through a stable, experienced investment team.

All investments carry risk. Different investments carry different levels of risk, depending on the investment strategy and the underlying assets. Generally, the higher the potential return of an investment, the greater the risk. The risks of investing in the fund include:

  • Investment risk: The fund has exposure to share markets. The risk of an investment in the fund is higher than an investment in a typical bank account or fixed income investment. Amounts distributed to unitholders may fluctuate, as may the fund’s unit price. The unit price may vary by material amounts, even over short periods of time, including during the period between a redemption request being made and the time the redemption unit price is calculated.
  • Market risk: Share markets can be volatile, and have the potential to fall by large amounts over short periods of time. The investments of the fund are likely to have a broad correlation with share markets in general, and hence poor performance or losses in domestic and/or global share markets are likely to impact negatively on the overall performance of the fund.
  • Concentration risk: The fund may have exposure to a small number of key investments. This may result in the returns of the fund being dependent on the returns of individual companies and industry sectors. This concentration of exposures may increase the volatility of the fund’s unit price, and increase the risk of poor performance. It may also result in the fund’s returns differing significantly from its benchmark.

For a full description of the risks of investing in the fund, you should read the Product Disclosure Statement before deciding to invest.

About the Walter Scott Global Equity Fund

Investment manager

Walter Scott & Partners Limited (Walter Scott) is a specialist global investment manager based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Walter Scott was established in 1983 and is a classical, fundamental and long-term growth manager, committed to an active bottom-up investment strategy.

Investment objective

The Walter Scott Global Equity Fund aims to achieve a long-term total return (before fees and expenses) that exceeds the MSCI World ex Australia Index, in $A unhedged with net dividends reinvested (Benchmark).

Investment strategy

Walter Scott scours the global markets for what it believes are the world’s best companies. Its fundamental, bottom-up investment approach combines detailed financial analysis with business and industry analysis.

Walter Scott's selective stock picking and ability to target companies capable of sustainable wealth generation has created a concentrated portfolio of stocks Walter Scott believes offer high growth potential.

How the Walter Scott Global Equity Fund works

Walter Scott believes that companies capable of generating strong and sustained earnings growth over long periods typically exhibit key strengths such as:

  • high return on equity
  • high free cash flow, and
  • high earnings growth.

Walter Scott's fundamental bottom-up investment approach combines detailed financial analysis with qualitative research in screening the global share universe for companies that are likely to meet its investment criteria.

Walter Scott expects that on average, and based on long-term experience, 15 to 25 per cent or less of the stocks in the portfolio will be turned over each year, which reflects their long-term 'buy and hold' approach. It is this long-term, classical and fundamental approach which defines Walter Scott's conservative style of growth investing.

You can also choose to invest in a hedged version of the fund. Macquarie will use currency hedging to reduce the fund’s exposure to foreign currency movements.

Download the Product Disclosure Statement, Information Booklet and application form for the Walter Scott Global Equity Fund (Hedged).

Fund information

 Walter Scott Global Equity Fund
APIR code MAQ0410AU
Inception date 18 March 2005
Minimum investment timeframe 7 years
Distribution frequency Generally annually
Management fee

1.28% pa of the net asset value of the Fund and inclusive of GST. 

Read the Product Disclosure Statement for more details on fees and expenses that may be charged. 

Minimum investment $20,000
Performance reports View monthly performance report.
View client quarterly fund snapshot.
Flyer Learn more about the benefits of the fund.

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