What are specialist investments?


An introduction to specialist investments

Specialist investments are designed to meet specific investment needs not met by traditional financial products such as shares and deposits.

Specialist investments may be used to enhance potential returns through leverage, reduce the effects of market volatility, generate higher income returns in low yield or flat markets or for tax efficiency.

A specialist investment allows you to customise your preferred risk and cash flow profile.

Some specialist investments offer the ability to borrow to invest, combined with loan principal protection and the ability to walk away from non-performing investments, minimising your downside risk. Others can be customised based on your preferred risk and cash flow profile.

Choosing a specific strategy will depend on your requirements. For example:

  • Self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees who are seeking to diversify their holdings may choose a leveraged investment with loan principal protection. Products such as Macquarie Equity Lever and Macquarie Flexi 100 Trust are SMSF compliant.*
  • Wholesale investors or executives who need to manage the risks linked to large equity or options parcels may benefit from a tailored specialist solution that lets them diversify their assets.

To find out more about specialist investments, call Macquarie Specialist Investments on 1800 080 033 or speak to your financial adviser.

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