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Life insurance

Keep your finances secure with an insurance solution catered to your specific needs, so you have peace of mind when unexpected injury, illness or worse occurs.

Insurance in superannuation voluntary code of practice

As part of our commitment to providing members of our superannuation funds with the best experience possible, we are in the process of adopting the Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of Practice (Code of Practice). Some of the changes members will see as we implement the Code of Practice include:

  • A more active role in the assessment of claims and providing support to members from the start to the end of the claims process within
  • Providing more information on the insurance we offer and any restrictions that your policy contains
  • Ensuring members remain aware of the impact the premiums can have on their retirement income

MIML is on track to implement all relevant sections of the Code by 30 December 2019.

You need protection at any stage of life

Young and independent

Young families

Growing families

Starting to think about retirement

Why would I need insurance at my age?

It's great to be young and adventurous and taking on many new exciting experiences. While you're discovering yourself and what you want to do with your life, it's beneficial to keep your finances in mind to protect your future.

Whether you're studying or at the start of your career, you're less likely to have assets to draw on to support you if you're temporarily unable to work because of a serious injury or illness. Medical expenses can be costly, and paired with the loss of an income, you could struggle to pay rent or save towards your future home.


Why would I need insurance at my age?

At this time in your life you may find that you and your family are a bit stretched financially, from covering expenses related to your first home to school fees and the costs of owning pets.

Now you are living as a family, one of your main priorities should be to ensure you have adequate cover of your finances. If you become ill or injured, your family may suddenly be affected by expenses due to the loss of income during recovery.


Why would I need insurance at my age?

At this time in your life you may have taken steps to secure your financial future. Now that you are feeling financially secure, you may not believe life insurance is necessary.

However, at this stage of your life, you're actually at a high risk for a serious injury or illness which could significantly damage your nest egg if you don't have the right cover. If you become ill or injured (or worse), your family may suddenly be affected by significant expenses and the loss of income associated with recovery.


Why would I need insurance at my age?

As you think about transitioning to retirement, you want to plan on doing the things you enjoy instead of worrying about your finances.

Now is a key time to ensure you are covered so that all you've worked for in your life is secure and passed on to your loved ones.

A strong life insurance policy will protect your wealth and assets and will support your family if you suffer from a serious illness or death. Your cover can prevent your family from having to sell your home and other assets to pay high medical expenses that may be associated with serious conditions that may develop in the later stage of your life.


In all these cases, insurance is the best way to cover yourself in case the unexpected happens. It’s good to be prepared, so call Macquarie’s advice specialists today to discuss which policy can best protect your financial wellbeing.