Credit card FAQs: Interest rates and fees


Here’s a few things to know about interest rates and fees on your Macquarie credit card

What is the annual fee for the card?

Credit card typeAnnual feeAdditional cardholders
Macquarie RateSaver Card $69 $10
Macquarie Platinum Card
(Macquarie Rewards)
$99 Up to 4 free additional cardholders
Macquarie Platinum Card
(Macquarie Qantas Rewards)
$99 Up to 4 free additional cardholders
Macquarie Black Card
(Macquarie Rewards)
$149 Up to 4 free additional cardholders
Macquarie Black Card
(Macquarie Qantas Rewards)
$149 Up to 4 free additional cardholders

How and when will the annual fee be charged?

The annual fee is charged when you activate your card, then annually on the anniversary of the date we first issued your card.

What are the purchase and cash advance interest rates?

Credit card typePurchasesCash advances
Macquarie RateSaver Card 15.95% pa 15.95% pa
Macquarie Platinum Card 20.70% pa 20.70% pa
Macquarie Black Card 20.70% pa 20.70% pa

Interest rates are variable, subject to change and to Macquarie Card Services credit criteria.

Will this interest rate change?

Macquarie Bank reserves the right to change our interest rates and you will be notified in advance. This could occur through a number of channels, such as:

  • In writing
  • Electronically (subject to condition 43 in your Conditions of Use), or
  • By advertising the change in a newspaper circulating through your State or Territory.

If we notify you of a change by advertisement, we will also give you particulars of the change with your next Statement after the change takes effect.

How is interest calculated?

Interest is calculated based on the balance you have outstanding on each day of the statement cycle. The interest rate, also known as the 'Annual Percentage Rate' (APR) is included on the front page of every statement you receive. Interest is calculated based on the daily rate of interest (the APR divided by the number of days per year). This rate is also included on each monthly statement and is effective for interest calculations in that statement period. 

For more details, contact us on 1300 150 300 at your convenience.

How many interest free days are applicable?

Up to 55 days interest free on purchases only applies if your account is paid in full by the due date shown each month (excluding any balance transfers and Interest Free Finance balances that are in the specified promotional period).

What other fees and charges are applicable?

The fees and charges applicable are:

Type of feeDetails
Information Request Fee $7
Cash Advance Fee $5 or 3% of the value of the transaction, whichever is the greater, applies to each cash advance made on your account, debited to your account at the time of the cash advance.
International Transaction Fee*

Nil. Other financial institutions, such as the banks of international merchants and overseas ATM operators, may charge you fees for these transactions. If you withdraw cash at an overseas ATM or over the counter overseas, the Cash Advance Fee will apply.

Over the Counter Transaction Fee A $2 fee applies for each payment made at Australia Post outlets by cash, cheque, or EFTPOS, debited to your account when the payment is credited to your account.
Overlimit Fee A $30 fee applies if the balance of your account exceeds your credit limit at any time during a statement period and you have provided your consent to incur a fee related to this service. This amount will:
(a) be debited to your account at the time your account first exceeds your credit limit during a statement period
(b) be debited to your account on the first day of each subsequent statement period(s) that your account continues to exceed your credit limit.
Dishonour Fee $10 each time a payment to your account is dishonoured, debited to your account at the time of dishonour.
Late Payment Fee $35 per statement period if all amounts due are not paid by the payment due date, debited to your account within five business days of the payment due date.
Voucher Request Fee $8 per requested sales receipt provided by a third party, debited to your account at the time of the request (refunded if a dispute is resolved in your favour).
Statement Fee $2.50 per month for statements delivered to you by post.

For more information on credit card interest rates, download our Understanding Interest booklet or speak to a Macquarie credit card specialist on 1300 150 300

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