Google Pay™ FAQs


About Google Pay

Google Pay is a free app that allows eligible cardholders to use compatible Android devices to pay with their phone at contactless merchants and in participating merchant apps.

To make a purchase with Google Pay, first you’ll need to add your eligible card to your NFC-enabled Android device running Kit Kat 4.4 or above using the Google Pay app. If you don’t have the Google Pay app installed, you can download it from the Google Play Store. Once your card has been added and your identity verified, you’re all set to start making purchases. When you want to make a payment, wake up your device and hold it near the contactless reader until it beeps or vibrates and a checkmark appears on the screen indicating your payment is complete.

When adding your card to Google Pay, you'll also be adding it to Google Payments. This allows you to use your card to make purchases in places like the Google Play Store and online with Google. For more information on Google Payments, please visit

You can use Google Pay to make payments with your compatible Android device wherever contactless payments are accepted. Just look for the contactless and/or Google Pay symbol at checkout.

You can also use Google Pay in participating merchant apps with supported devices. Look for the Buy with Google Pay button at checkout within the apps. However, there are certain machines that are not currently receiving mobile contactless payments such as vending machines and parking meters/machines.

Google Pay is available for all active and eligible Macquarie credit cards or debit cards, including but not limited to the Macquarie Debit Mastercard, Macquarie Platinum Debit Mastercard, Macquarie Black Card, Macquarie Platinum Card, Hilton Honors™ Macquarie Platinum Card and the Macquarie RateSaver Card.

Google Pay does not support the following:

  • Purchases made through Google Pay with a card other than an eligible Macquarie card.
  • Purchases made through a third party such as a Google Wallet Card.

To use Google Pay, you need to have an NFC-enabled Android device running Kit Kat 4.4 or above, and the Google Pay app. To download the Google Pay app or to check if your device is compatible with Google Pay, please visit

A virtual card is the digital form of your eligible physical credit and debit cards. When you add your physical card to Google Pay, it's stored as a virtual card. It will have a unique virtual card number associated only with the digital wallet and mobile device you're using. Please note this may be referred to as a virtual card, however Google Pay refers to it as the Virtual Account Number. Creating a virtual card does not affect your physical card. You can still use your physical card as you normally would.

Yes. To deliver the best Google Pay experience, we'll share certain account information about each card you've selected to use with Google Pay and will make that information available for display on your device, such as data for your recent purchases. When adding an eligible card to Google Pay, you'll also be adding your Card to Google Payments. This allows you to use your card to make purchases in places like the Google Play Store and online with Google. For more information on Google Payments, please visit If you have any additional questions about your device’s security features, please reach out to Google directly.

Your card in Google Pay is protected by your secure Android device lock - pin, password or pattern. All of your payment information will be encrypted with SSL (secure socket layer) technology and stored on secure servers. Your physical card details are never shown in the app or shared with the merchant when you make payments in store.

Yes. Your eligible physical credit and debit cards are covered by the existing terms and conditions. Your eligible virtual credit and debit card details are covered by the new Macquarie Terms of Use for Google Pay. If you suspect unauthorised use of your virtual credit card or debit card, please contact us immediately by calling the number on the back of your card.

Most merchants won't have access to your physical card number; they'll receive the unique virtual card number associated with your credit card or debit card. Merchants can't transact with your unique virtual card number.

Customers using Android devices are encouraged to update their operating system in order to continue using Google Pay. Google Pay is removing support for devices running Android 4.4 KitKat later this year and switching it’s minimum version to Android 5.0+ (Lollipop). As of 23 May 2018, new users will not be able to find the Google Pay app in the Play Store when using a KitKat device, but existing users will continue to be able to use Google Pay on their devices. On 15 August 2018, Google will officially drop support for KitKat devices. At that time, Google Pay will be disabled on all devices running an Android version below Lollipop.

Getting started

To add an eligible Macquarie card a compatible Android device, open the Google Pay app on your device and tap the “+” sign. If you do not have the app, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

When adding your card, you can choose to add the card you already have added to your Google account or add new cards by manually entering your card information or taking a photo of your card. You'll also need to accept the Macquarie Terms of Use for Google Pay each time you add a card to Google Pay. You're also subject to Google's Google Pay terms.

Once you've accepted the terms and conditions, you'll be presented with a number of methods to verify your identity. Follow the prompts on the application to activate your card for use on Google Pay.

Then look for a confirmation message letting you know your card is ready for Google Pay.

Yes. They can be a combination of eligible debit cards, credit cards and loyalty cards as Google enable them on their Android Wallet.

Yes. For each device, you'll need to add your card through the Google Pay app.

Yes. You can add your eligible Macquarie card to two unique Google accounts in your wallet.

You can remove your card by tapping your card in the Google Pay app and selecting Remove Card at the bottom of the screen.

*Important note: Un-installing the Google Pay application only, without selecting Remove Card will not automatically remove your card from Google Payments. Your need to remove your card first.

Google will charge a small amount to your card to verify the account. The amount charged isn't permanent and will drop off your transaction list soon after appearing.

Using Google Pay

At checkout, simply press the power button on your phone to wake it up, and hold the back of your device over the contactless terminal. Your phone may beep or vibrate, and you'll receive a confirmation on screen. To complete the transaction, you may need to enter your PIN or sign a receipt (such as with transactions over $100).

To make a purchase in a mobile app, select Google Pay at checkout. Your details will be added automatically.

No. Not all merchants have adopted contactless terminals. Please continue to carry your physical cards to use where contactless payments are not accepted. Most merchants will display this contactless payment symbol to let you know they accept contactless payments.

For your security, when you add your eligible Macquarie card to Google Pay, a virtual account number – separate and unique to your device – is created. Your virtual account number is used to make purchases with your card using Google Pay. To view the last four digits of your virtual account number, tap on your card in the Google Pay app and scroll down to your card details.

Google Pay shows recent Macquarie credit and debit card purchases you've made with Google Pay on your device, but it won't display all your purchase details. For a complete view of all your card transactions, log into Macquarie Online or the Macquarie Mobile Banking app.

You can return items purchased using your card in Google Pay by providing the merchant with the last four digits of your virtual account number instead of your plastic card number. To find the last four digits of your virtual account number, tap on your card in the Google Pay app and scroll down to your card details.

You can also go to Google Pay and select the card you used to make the purchase and hold your device near the contactless terminal at the merchant once the return has been keyed in. Please remember to keep the original receipt you received from the merchant at the time of purchase as the Google Pay receipt is not an official proof of purchase.

Yes, you receive all of the same rewards, security and benefits of your eligible Macquarie card when you use it with Google Pay.

Yes. At the moment Google Pay does not link your individual rewards cards to your payments. You'll still need to present your loyalty card at the point of sale. However, Google Pay will soon support this feature.

If you're having difficulty with your software or hardware, please visit the Google Pay Help Center. Also please refer to our troubleshooting section of the FAQs.

Yes, the use of Google Pay and limits applied is the same as the contactless limits on your physical card.

Managing your card in Google Pay

You can view and manage your cards in the Google Pay app. When you tap on your card, scroll down to view your card details including transactions and your virtual account number. You also have the ability to remove your card from the device and select which card is the default card used when paying with Google Pay.

The first card you add to Google Pay automatically becomes your default payment card. To change your default card, go into the Google Pay app, click on the card you want as the default and select Set as default card. If you have more than one card loaded, you can tap and hold to drag your card to the top of the wallet default spot.

You’ll receive transaction notifications for purchases you make using your Macquarie card in Google Pay. To turn off notifications, open the Google Pay app, tap the menu, select Settings, then elect to turn off notifications.

The Google Pay app tries to provide you with the most relevant information about the places where you’ve used your device to make payments. From time to time, information about the merchant locations where you’ve used Google Pay (such as the business name and street address) may be displayed differently in your Google Pay app than the information on your Macquarie statement. To report any incorrect information, please contact Google via the Google Pay Help Center.

You may also receive notifications and see transactions listed for pre-authorisations that haven’t been posted to your account yet. For example, a hotel may pre-authorise an amount initially, then submit the final charge based on the actual amount of your purchase after you finish your stay.

No. Your virtual account number is connected to your new card number automatically. You can use your eligible card in Google Pay to make purchases before receiving your new physical card.

If you believe your device or Google Pay card information has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way, call Macquarie Customer Care immediately at the number on the back of your physical card and we can deactivate the virtual token from our systems. This won't impact your ability to use your physical card.

You can also go to Android Device Manager to help you find, lock and erase your device at: You can also use the search engine "Find my phone" and Google will show you where it is on a map.

If you lose your physical card or it is stolen, immediately call our contact centre. We will make arrangements for a new card.

After you report your card as lost or stolen, it will be unavailable in Google Pay. Once you receive your new card, activate it as per normal and than re-add it onto Google Pay.

If you replace your device, you'll need to add your Macquarie card in Google Pay. We also recommend you delete your Macquarie card from your old device.

Erasing the information on your device has no effect on your physical cards, so you can continue to use your cards as you normally would. However, erasing your device or deleting your cards from Google Pay will remove the virtual cards from your device and they can no longer be used. You can re-add your eligible credit and debit cards into Google Pay at any time.


  1. Ensure that NFC is turned on.
  2. Ensure that the phone has no cards attached to the back that would interfere with the signal; such as a transit card.
  3. Set Google Pay as your payment default in your device's settings.
  4. If you have a device that supports multiple mobile wallets, select Android Operating System in your NFC or tap and pay settings on the device.
  5. Try holding your device a different way to avoid signal issues. Your device's NFC antenna might be at the top or bottom of the device and avoid tapping with the front of the phone.
  6. Make sure your app is updated and running the latest version.
  7. It’s possible that a merchant that accepts contactless payments may not accept Google Pay because their contactless devices are older.
  8. Is the screen on? If the screen goes to sleep or locks after a period of inactivity, then the transaction won’t go through.
  9. Have you unlocked your phone recently? Your phone needs to be unlocked every three payments and after you've turned your phone back on after restarting it.

You can either:

  1. visit
  2. contact Macquarie customer support on 13 31 74 for debit cards, and 1300 150 300 for credit cards.

Have you changed your phone lock or disabled it? The lock must be enabled for Google Pay to work. If it's disabled, then the user's payment credientials will be deleted from the device unless the user re-enables a secure lock within five minutes of disabling it.

Android Wear support will not be available in the launch of Google Pay, however will be added in the future.

Yes, although you need internet access to add and activate your card on Google Pay. Once activated, you occasionally need to be connected to the internet to continue making payments however this can be via Wi-Fi or mobile network. A SIM card is not necessary.

Yes, as long as you occasionally connect your phone to the internet to update internal security settings.

If your device meets all the Google Pay requirements and you can't see it on the Play store, please contact Google for technical support (