Online and Phonelink security tips


Keep your Macquarie Cash Management Account secure

Macquarie places the utmost priority on banking security. Whether you are banking online or using the PhoneLink service, you can be rest assured that your account is secure. When you first login online to your Macquarie Cash Management Account or call PhoneLink, you will be prompted to change your password to a selection of your choice. Keep these login details secret and secure against unauthorised use.

Security tips:

  • always keep your computer up to date with anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • set-up firewall protection and conduct regular scans
  • avoid using shared computers (eg at an internet café), as you may be unable to check whether the latest anti-virus software has been installed – we recommend that you only use Macquarie Online if you are sure your virus protection is up to date
  • if you suspect that someone has gained access to your codes, is using your codes without your authorisation or your codes get lost or stolen, contact us immediately on 133 174.

Your responsibilities

You will be liable for unauthorised transactions if you:

  • voluntarily disclose your Macquarie ID, password or PIN to anyone (including a family member or friend)
  • keep a record of your Macquarie ID and password together.

To find out more about managing your account, call 133 174 to speak with a Macquarie specialist and have your security questions answered.

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